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  1. website teases a 'new adventure' coming soon

    Following the recent announcement that Activision will be remaking the legendary GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo Wii, the official James Bond website,, has gotten a facelift to promote the forthcoming title.

    However, forum members have also noticed a teaser towards the bottom of the site promising a ‘new adventure coming soon’ alongside what appears to be a blacked out video game box.

    Unfortunately, no further information has been provided, so fans are left to wonder what this new 007-themed release may be. Bloodstone, perhaps?

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    Devin Zydel @ 2010-06-17
  2. Hunt for MGM CEO hits snag

    The Hollywood Reporter – MGM’s parade of CEO candidates seems to have marched down a blind alley.

    Jonathan Dolgen, Peter Chernin and Bill Mechanic each have made it clear he has no interest in taking the Lion’s reins despite urgings from studio lenders and the prospect of a recapitalized new ownership structure. At the same time, lenders have been unable to work up much enthusiasm for others interviewed as prospective new CEOs.

    Well-regarded executives at Summit and Spyglass have been consulted but failed to convince weary Lion debtholders that their management prowess alone could put the studio back on the path to prosperity. Burdened by a crushing debt load of almost $4 billion, MGM owners tried unsuccessfully to find a buyer for the studio and now seeks to fashion a financial and management restructuring.

    The goal: to buy three to four years of solvency in the hope the studio’s value will rise in the meantime.

    In a bit of good news, investment films Qualia Capital, Anchorage Advisors and others remain interested in sinking $500 million or more into the Lion in exchange for an equity stake. That would get film chief Mary Parent back into action after movie development and releasing was halted because of the studio’s woes.

    An idea gaining currency in the absence of an obvious candidate would be to keep the “office of the CEO” arrangement that’s been in place since Harry Sloan resigned as CEO in August to become non-executive chairman of MGM. Restructuring specialist Stephen Cooper would remain in place longer than planned, with Parent and CFO Bedi Singh maintaining co-CEO roles during a prepackaged bankruptcy to clean up debt.

    In the process, studio equity would shift from a current group of owners to MGM lenders and any new equity investors. MGM’s ownership consortium includes Providence Equity, TPG Capital, Sony, Comcast, DLJ Merchant and Quadrangle.

    J.P. Morgan leads a steering committee representing more than 100 MGM debtholders, though consolidation of publicly traded Lion debt in recent months means one-third of the debt now is held by Highland Capital and a handful of other lenders. Lenders holding two-thirds of the studio’s debt would have to approve any prepackaged bankruptcy.

    MGM has the thriller Red Dawn set for release in November and the horror thriller Cabin in the Woods slotted for January. But no trailers have been shot, and it’s assumed both will be pushed to later release dates.

    The situation has been frustrating for those still in the trenches at MGM. But some see a silver lining in the incremental management shifts since MGM’s financial woes reached crisis proportions.

    Older-guard executives tended to be too laid back to address the Lion’s increasingly dire challenges, some suggest.

    “We’d be sitting in a meeting with all these problems and $4 billion of debt, and we’d be talking about that night’s Lakers tickets,” a studio insider recalled. “There was always two MGMs—the old MGM and the Mary Parent MGM. If Mary Parent had her way, the Bond film would come out in November.”

    MGM’s rights to the James Bond movie franchise represent its most highly valued asset, but the studio recently was forced to postpone development on the next Bond pic until its corporate problems were sorted. A planned co-production with Warner Bros. based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy tome The Hobbit also has been delayed.

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    Devin Zydel @ 2010-06-16
  3. The Blades Library Book Club: Hurricane Gold

    Welcome back to The Blades Library Book Club – the place for quality discussions of the books of James Bond!

    Charlie Higson's 'Hurricane Gold'

    Charlie Higson’s Hurricane Gold

    Every two months a James Bond 007 novel is chosen for the club members to read. A thread is posted in the Discussion Forums listing locations where you can find the novel. Discussions about the book will go on as the book is read and when it is finished. Another thread will be created so that club members can post their review and give a rating on the current book.

    All fans of the Literary Bond are eligible for membership. All you need to do to sign up is register on the CBn Forums (it’s free and only takes a minute) and then post your name in the sign up thread.

    The Book Club’s 39th Book

    We are progressing though the James Bond 007 novels in chronological order, since quite a number of members are using the club as an opportunity to read the books for the very first time. After progressing through the Bond novels by Ian Fleming, Kingsley Amis, John Gardner and Raymond Benson the club most recently moved onto Charlie Higson’s Young Bond era and now continues with his fourth novel: 2007’s Hurricane Gold.

    Obtaining The Book

    Ordering online should be fairly easy. Hurricane Gold can be ordered online from the following sources:

    Discuss other places to buy Hurricane Gold or where you got your copy in this thread.

    Discuss The Book While Reading

    Want to talk about the book while reading it? Post a new thread in The Blades Library.

    Review And Rate The Book

    After you have finished reading Hurricane Gold, you can discuss it with other club members in The Blades Library, and give the book your personal rating out of five in this thread.

    If you have any questions or suggestions just post them in a new thread. Happy reading.

    *New* Archive Of All Past Read Books

    Additionally, club members can review or comment on any of the past read books in the club any time they want. Click here for the full archive of the past read books in the club.

    Previous Books Read

    Devin Zydel @ 2010-06-16
  4. Jimmy Dean (1928-2010)

    Jimmy Dean, a country music legend for his smash hit about a workingman hero, “Big Bad John,” and an entrepreneur known for his sausage brand, died on Sunday. He was 81.

    His wife, Donna Meade Dean, said her husband died at their Henrico County, Va., home.

    She told The Associated Press that he had some health problems but was still functioning well, so his death came as a shock. She said he was eating in front of the television. She left the room for a time and came back and he was unresponsive. She said he was pronounced dead at 7:54 p.m.

    Jimmy Dean

    Jimmy Dean

    “He was amazing,” she said. “He had a lot of talents.”

    Born in 1928, Dean was raised in poverty in Plainview, Texas, and dropped out of high school after the ninth grade. He went on to a successful entertainment career in the 1950s and ’60s that included the nationally televised The Jimmy Dean Show.

    In 1969, Dean went into the sausage business, starting the Jimmy Dean Meat Co. in his hometown. He sold the company to Sara Lee Corp. in 1984.

    Dean lived in semiretirement with his wife, who is a songwriter and recording artist, on their 200-acre estate just outside Richmond, where he enjoyed investing, boating and watching the sun set over the James River.

    In 2009 a fire gutted their home, but his Grammy for “Big Bad John,” a puppet made by Muppets creator Jim Henson, a clock that had belonged to Prince Charles and Princess Diana and other valuables were saved. Lost were a collection of celebrity-autographed books, posters of Dean with Elvis Presley and other prized possessions.

    Donna Meade Dean said the couple had just moved back into their reconstructed home.

    With his drawled wisecracks and quick wit, Dean charmed many fans. But in both entertainment and business circles, he was also known for his tough hide. He fired bandmate Roy Clark, who went onto “Hee Haw” fame, for showing up late for gigs.

    More recently, a scrap with Sara Lee led to national headlines.

    The Chicago-based company let him go as spokesman in 2003, inciting Dean’s wrath. He issued a statement titled “Somebody doesn’t like Sara Lee,” claiming he was dumped because he got old.

    “The company told me that they were trying to attract the younger housewife, and they didn’t think I was the one to do that,” Dean told The Associated Press in January 2004. “I think it’s the dumbest thing. But you know, what do I know?”

    Sara Lee has said that it chose not to renew Dean’s contract because the “brand was going in a new direction” that demanded a shift in marketing.

    Dean grew up in a musical household. His mother showed him how to play his first chord on the piano. His father, who left the family, was a songwriter and singer. Dean taught himself to play the accordion and the harmonica.

    His start in the music business came as an accordionist at a tavern near Bolling Air Force Base in Washington, D.C., where he was stationed in the 1940s. After leaving the Air Force in 1948, he fronted his band, the Texas Wildcats, and drew a strong local following through appearances on Washington-area radio.

    By the early 1950s, Dean’s band had its first national hit in “Bummin’ Around.”

    “Big Bad John,” which is about a coal miner who saves fellow workers when a mine roof collapses, became a big hit in 1961 and won a Grammy. The star wrote it in less than two hours.

    His fame led him to a string of television shows, including The Jimmy Dean Show on CBS. Dean’s last big TV stint was ABC’s version of The Jimmy Dean Show from 1963 to 1966.

    Dean in February was elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame. He was to be inducted in October and his wife said she thinks he was looking forward to it.

    Dean became a headliner at venues like Carnegie Hall and the Hollywood Bowl and became the first country star to play on the Las Vegas strip. He was the first guest host on The Tonight Show, and also was an actor with parts in television and the movies, including the role of James Bond’s ally Willard Whyte in the 1971 film Diamonds Are Forever.

    Besides his wife, Dean is survived by three children and two grandchildren, Donna Meade Dean said. Arrangements have not be made, but it will be a private service, she said.

    In the late ’60s, Dean entered the hog business—something he knew well. His family had butchered hogs, with the young Dean whacking them over the head with the blunt end of an ax. The Dean brothers—Jimmy and Don—ground the meat and their mother seasoned it.

    The Jimmy Dean Meat Co. opened with a plant in Plainview. After six months, the company was profitable.

    His fortune was estimated at $75 million in the early ’90s.

    Having watched other stars fritter away their fortunes, Dean said he learned to be careful with his money.

    “I’ve seen so many people in this business that made a fortune,” he told the AP. “They get old and broke and can’t make any money. … I tell you something, … no one’s going to play a benefit for Jimmy Dean.”

    Dean said then that he was at peace at his estate and that he had picked a spot near the river where he wanted to be buried.

    “It’s the sweetest piece of property in the world, we think,” he told the Richmond Times-Dispatch. “It sure is peaceful here.”

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    Devin Zydel @ 2010-06-14
  5. 007 Magazine Archive Files #2: On Her Majesty's Secret Service

    The second instalment of the newly launched 007 Magazine Archive Files James Bond magazine is now available to order online.

    This publication follows the 2009 news that the popular Bond magazine would be returning to print to mark its 30th anniversary after three years as an internet-only publication.

    007 Magazine Archive Files #2: On Her Majesty's Secret Service

    007 Magazine Archive Files #2: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

    As stated on the official 007 Magazine website, each issue of 007 Magazine Archive Files spotlights various elements of one particular James Bond film featuring rare and never-before-seen imagery coupled with informative and definitive information.

    007 Magazine Archive Files #2 examines features exclusive previously unpublished comments from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service director Peter Hunt (1925-2002) and also includes 100 rare and never-before-published images relating to the film. Far Up! Far Out! Far More!

    Bond fans can purchase 007 Magazine Archive Files #2 at the official 007 Magazine website for the following prices: £9.99 (UK) | $15.99 (US) | €11.99 (EU) | £9.99 (Worldwide). Please be aware that prices do not include shipping.

    Visit this article to read more about the return of 007 Magazine in print for 2009. To view the detailed 1979 – 2005 bibliography of 007 Magazine on CBn, click here.

    As always, keep your browsers pointed to the main page and our always active Discussion Forums for all the latest news from the world of James Bond.

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    Devin Zydel @ 2010-06-12
  6. Win Sir Sean Connery's Being A Scot is giving away a free copy of the UK paperback edition of Sir Sean Connery’s Being A Scot.

    Sir Sean Connery's 'Being A Scot'

    Sir Sean Connery’s Being A Scot

    Being a Scot mixes a ‘frank account of Connery’s life with an esoteric take on Scotland’s history and culture’. The 414-page long book features more than 400 photograghs from the James Bond star’s personal collection and is co-written with Scottish filmmaker Murray Grigor.

    This competition is open to all members of (CBn). You must be a registered member of the CBn Forums and answer the following question correctly to be eligible to win. Not yet a member of CBn? Register here now—it is free and only takes a minute!

    How To Enter:

    To enter, fill out the following questionnaire and send a Communiqué/Private Message on the CBn Forums to ‘CBn Competition’ (Subject: CBn June10 SC) by Midnight EST on 2 July 2010 (simply click on the link in this paragraph).

    1. In which James Bond film does Sean Connery’s 007 utter the line: ‘She’s just dead.’…

    1. From Russia with Love
    2. Thunderball
    3. Diamonds are Forever
    4. Never Say Never Again

    2. What is your CBn Forum Screen Name?
    3. What country/state do you live in?

    Devin Zydel @ 2010-06-10
  7. Goldfinger lined up for Film4 Summer Screen 2010 at Somerset House

    Film4 Summer Screen at Someset House has been announced for 2010 and James Bond is featured in the line-up.



    A highlight of the summer calendar, the series features everything from special previews to cult classics, all showing on a state-of-the-art screen with full surround-sound.

    007 fans will definitely want to mark their calendars on Monday, 2 August when Sean Connery’s classic 1964 Bond adventure Goldfinger hits the screen.

    2010’s Film4 Summer Screen will run from 29 July to 8 August. For all film screenings, there is no fixed seating in the courtyard and guests are welcomed to bring rugs, blankets and cushions to sit on. Seating begins at 6:30pm and screenings begin at 9:15pm. Note that the screenings are open air and will go on despite inclement weather.

    For further information, phone +44 (0)20 7845 4600 or visit the official Somerset House website.

    As always, keep turning to the main page and our Discussion Forums for all the latest James Bond 007 news.

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    Devin Zydel @ 2010-06-09
  8. Charlie Higson's Hurricane Gold released as Playaway audiobook

    The Playaway audiobook edition of Charlie Higson’s Hurricane Gold has been released by Blackstone Audio in the US.

    Literary 007 fans can order this edition of Higson’s fourth Young James Bond novel from, where it retails for $59.99. Gerard Doyle acts as the narrator for this release.

    In addition, Blackstone will next release By Royal Command this July on the Playaway audio format. Also read by Doyle, this too can be ordered online:

    Charlie Higson's 'Hurricane Gold'

    Charlie Higson’s Hurricane Gold

    James Bond is on a much-needed vacation in Mexico at the home of ex-flying ace Jack Stone. But his holiday is cut short when a hurricane hits. As the storm ravages the community, a gang of thieves lies in ambush – they want Stone’s safe, and will kill for its contents. Stone’s children, Precious and JJ, are kidnapped, and James must embark on a perilous chase through the jungle to rescue them and retrieve the stolen items. The clues ultimately lead him to the island of Lagrimas Negras, a haven for deadly criminals, controlled by the ruthless El Huracan.

    James will have to use all of his instincts and cunning if he’s going to outwit El Huracan and escape with his life. But the only way off the island is through a treacherous maze, La Avenida de la Muerte – the Avenue of Death. On this terrifying trail of greed and betrayal, only danger is guaranteed. Survival is not.

    Be sure to keep checking the main page and our Discussion Forums for all the latest Young Bond-related news.

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    Devin Zydel @ 2010-06-08
  9. Thrillers: 100 Must-Reads featuring Raymond Benson now shipping

    As earlier reported on, a brand new book—Thrillers: 100 Must-Reads—spotlighting contemporary and classic thrillers will feature one of Ian Fleming’s most popular James Bond adventures, 1957’s From Russia with Love.

    The classic novel is included thanks to the suggestion of former Bond continuation author Raymond Benson, who wrote six original 007 novels of his own and has also penned numerous non-Bond thrillers.

    Furthermore, newly announced Project X author Jeffery Deaver is also featured. He examines Len Deighton’s classic 1962 spy novel, The Ipcress File.

    Officially due to be published in early July, interested readers can order Thrillers: 100 Must-Reads from now, where the title is currently shipping (an order link follows below).

    The full blurb follows below:

    Thrillers: 100 Must-Reads featuring Ian Fleming's 'From Russia with Love'

    Thrillers: 100 Must-Reads featuring Ian Fleming’s From Russia with Love

    The most riveting reads in history meet today’s biggest thriller writers in Thrillers: 100 Must-Reads.

    Edited by David Morrell and Hank Wagner, Thrillers: 100 Must-Reads examines 100 seminal works of suspense through essays contributed by such esteemed modern thriller writers as: David Baldacci, Steve Berry, Sandra Brown, Lee Child, Jeffery Deaver, Tess Gerritsen, Heather Graham, John Lescroart, Gayle Lynds, Katherine Neville, Michael Palmer, James Rollins, R. L. Stine, and many more.

    Thrillers: 100 Must-Reads features 100 works—from Beowulf to The Bourne Identity, Dracula to Deliverance, Heart of Darkness to The Hunt for Red October—deemed must-reads by the International Thriller Writers organization.

    Much more than an anthology, Thrillers: 100 Must-Reads goes deep inside the most notable thrillers published over the centuries. Through lively, spirited, and thoughtful essays that examine each work’s significance, impact, and influence, Thrillers: 100 Must-Reads provides both historical and personal perspective on those spellbinding works that have kept readers on the edge of their seats for centuries.

    Keep turning to the main page and our Discussion Forums for the most up-to-date literary James Bond coverage on the web.

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    Devin Zydel @ 2010-06-07
  10. Daniel Craig in talks for Dragon Tattoo role

    Daniel Craig is apparently closing in on a deal to star in the Hollywood remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

    Daniel Craig

    Daniel Craig

    The James Bond star would play journalist Mikael Blomkvist in the adaptation of the nail-biting Swedish crime thriller, based on Stieg Larsson’s novels, reported

    David Fincher is set to direct, with Carey Mulligan apparently favourite to play the title character—punky, biker chick Lisbeth Salander.

    Brad Pitt, who has worked with Fincher on Fight Club and The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, had previously been linked to the project.

    Swedish stars Noomi Rapace and Michael Nyqvist star in the Swedish movie adaptations of Larsson’s Millennium trilogy, the first of which—The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo—has already been a success in cinemas in Europe and the US.

    Daniel will next be seen in Cowboys and Aliens, directed by Jon Favreau.

    Keep turning to the main page and our Discussion Forums for all the latest news from the world of James Bond.

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    Devin Zydel @ 2010-06-04