1. 'OO7' Magazine #46, Roger Moore Special

    By johncox on 2005-06-23

    Publisher and editor Graham Rye reports that ‘OO7’ Magazine #46 will ship to subscribers and select retailers the first week in July. Roger Moore fans will be delighted to hear that a large portion of this latest issue of ‘OO7’ will be devoted to the unflappable James Bond #3.

    Here’s an exclusive first look at what’s inside the new issue.

    'OO7' Magazine  #46

    ‘OO7’ Magazine #46

    • INTERVIEW: The Full Monty. THOMAS HEDMAN spoke with Monty Norman, the composer who has written music for many films, and even more stage musicals and TV shows. However, his place in cinema history was assured in 1962 when he composed the immortal “James Bond Theme.”
    • FEATURE: Jolly Roger! GARETH OWEN examines Sir Roger Moore’s remarkable tenure in the role of James Bond, which spanned seven films over an incredible 12 years, and included some of the most financially successful movies in the history of the oo7 franchise. 32-page special feature showcasing over 200 photographs.
    • MUSIC: Hear You Loud And Clear! GREG BECHTLOFF takes a concise view of the James Bond film soundtracks.

    Visit the official ‘OO7’ Magazine website to purchase this latest issue of ‘OO7’ or back issues. SUBSCRIBE NOW and receive ‘OO7’ #46 as your first issue!

    * ‘OO7’ Magazine is no longer affiliated with The James Bond International Fan Club. The JBIFC has announced plans to release their own club magazine in ’05.

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