1. Young Bond Book 2: Blood Fever

    By The CBn Team on 2006-01-22

    Today CBn offers two reviews of Young Bond Book 2: Blood Fever by Charlie Higson. One review is by a 41-year-old Bond fan, the other from a 18-year-old fan. Does Blood Fever bridge the generation gap? Read and find out:

    John Cox

    A More Mature Young Bond
    Review by John Cox

    Blood Fever takes a confident quantum leap into maturity and gives Bond fans of all ages one of the best James Bond novels yet written. [read more…]

    Devin Zydel

    On The Path To 007
    Review by Devin Zydel

    Literary 007 fans are in for a real surprise with Charlie Higson’s Blood Fever. A dark and intense story awaits readers and the result is thrilling and enjoyable. [read more…]