1. 'OO7' Magazine #44

    By johncox on 2004-10-12

    Issue number 44 of ‘OO7’ Magazine, the official publication of the James Bond International Fan Club, is now shipping to club members and select retailers. CBn gives you a first look at what’s inside this latest issue.

    • LITERATURE/Goldfinger 40th Anniversary: Ian Fleming’s James Bond Villains – KEVIN HARPER examines what makes Auric Goldfinger and his Korean henchman Oddjob the most unforgettable bad guys.
    • INTERVIEW/Goldfinger 40th Anniversary: Meet the man who gets the Bond films off to a sizzling start – Step back into the cinema foyer in 1964 for an interview with Bond credit title designer Robert Brownjohn from Showtime, the monthly must-buy film magazine moviegoers could only purchase in Odeon cinemas.
    • HISTORY/Goldfinger 40th Anniversary: Goldfinger Inspired…Mary Quant, Pierce Brosnan, Mike Myers, Steven Spielberg – and the British Safety Council?
    • MUSIC: “From Lukas, With Love” (Part 2) – LUKAS KENDALL concludes his detailed breakdown of the restoration of the EMI James Bond soundtrack re-releases.
    • INTERVIEW: The Music Man With The Plan – GREG BECHTLOFF spoke with the man responsible for overseeing the music for the Nineties Bond films, MGM Executive Vice President for Music, Michael Sandoval, shortly before his departure from MGM in January 2000.
    • PICTORIAL: Danger – Man At Work! – GRAHAM RYE delves into the ‘OO7’ Magazine Archive and dusts off the file marked Binder, Maurice Binder – for a first look at a selection of never-before-published photographs of the Master at work creating the credit titles for The Spy Who Loved Me.
    • HISTORY: Adventures in The Fan Trade (1995-2004) – Graham Rye concludes his personal look through a quarter century of ‘OO7’ Magazine and the James Bond International Fan Club to show that still – NOBODY DOES IT BETTER
    • INTERVIEW: John Stears (1934-1999): Special Effects Wizard Extraordinaire! – ANDREW PILKINGTON in conversation with the two-time Oscar-winning Special Effects technician on Christmas Eve 1982.

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    For CBn’s complete bibliography of ‘OO7’ Magazine see: 25 Years of ‘OO7’

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