1. CBn Reviews Young Bond Book 1: 'SilverFin'

    By The CBn Team on 2005-03-05

    Today CBn offers readers not one but three reviews of Young Bond Book 1: SilverFin by Charlie Higson. One review is by a 16-year-old Bond fan, another by a 40-year-old Bond fan and yet another from a 31-year-old Bond fan who is an old Etonian. Equal in their passions for 007, but clearly of three distinct perspectives. Does SilverFin reach all brand of James Bond fans? Read & find out:

    Chris Wright

    SilverFin Will Hook You.
    A POSITIVE Review by Chris Wright

    SilverFin by Charlie Higson puts the pleasure in pleasure reading. It is one of the most enjoyable books I have ever read. I stayed up very late on many school nights reading it because I couldn’t put it down. [read more…]

    John Cox

    But Is It A Good Bond Book?
    A MIXED Review by John Cox

    While Bond fans can certainly enjoy SilverFin as a well-written adventure book, they may have a slightly harder time embracing it as “A James Bond Adventure.” But… read this review to the end… there is a twist. [read more…]

    Jacques Stewart

    Touchy. Feely. Eely.
    A PUZZLED review by Jacques Stewart

    Oh, what’s the point? I don’t appear to be the target audience so this review is subject to the obvious criticism that I might as well be reviewing the merits of kolkhoz subsistence or line dancing or rohypnol. [read more…]

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    Pre-order the U.S. paperback edition of SilverFin (April 27, 2005)