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  1. Brosnan Fans Treated Twice

    British television will screen two Brosnan films this Christmas day, adding to the usuals; the Queens speech, and Only Fools And Horses.

    Viewers of ITV-1 will be treated to the 1997 Bond flick, Tomorrow Never Dies, in which Brosnan co-stars with Michelle Yeoh, and Jonathan Pryce. ITV-1 will air the film at 15:10.

    Later in the evening the glossy remake of of Sixties favourite, The Thomas Crown Affair, will be broadcast on BBC 1. Art thief, Pierce Brosnan, and an insurance investigator (Rene Russo), play a high-stakes game of cat and mouse in the 1999 romantic thriller to be shown at 23:20.

    jason @ 2003-12-20
  2. 'What A Wonderful Day To Become A Knight'

    Sir Sean Connery is no longer the only former James Bond actor to have been awarded a Knighthood. Another 007 will pickup the “Sir” title as the Queen announces her Birthday Honours.

    Roger Moore, who starred in seven movies in Eon productions legendary franchise became the longest serving actor to portray 007. However, his knighthood comes not from contribution to the arts, but instead for Moore’s work as Patron and spokesperson for UNICEF.

    Raising awareness around the world, Roger Moore has been responsible for many of the charities most recent success stories, and his work has not gone unnoticed. Others set to be awarded include soccer-star David Beckham, who will be honoured with an OBE. Also, comedian Billy Connelly and Sting are to be awarded with CBE’s.

    A special thanks to ‘Atticus17F’ for the tip-off!

    jason @ 2003-06-14
  3. Prince Harry And Halle

    Prince Harry currently the object of media obsession in the UK, has been pictured by award-winning photographer; Kirsty Wigglesworth. In the latest official photo’s of the prince, the 18 year old heir to the British throne was photographed lounging about his dorm-room at Eton college. It was there that Kirsty photographed this picture which shows a poster depicting Halle Berry’s role of “Jinx” as she emerges from the surf in the Cuba sequence of Die Another Day.

    Difficult to make out, the poster is located in the top-left of the image, next to another poster for Xfm, an indie radio-station. Other pinups included shots of super-model, Caprice. Also on display was an English flag hung from his wall, keeping in-touch with the Bond themed poster.

    Die Another Day, was chosen to be last-years choice for a Royal Premiere with Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, in attendance.

    jason @ 2003-06-09
  4. 2003 Stunt Awards: UPDATE

    With guests such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Harrison Ford in attendence, The 2003 Taurus World Stunt Awards kicked off yesterday, although overshadowed by the MTV movie awards, the event went successfully without any major problems.

    Vin Diesel flick; “xXx” walked away with 3 of the 8 awards, the most of any picture nominated.

    Eon productions’ “Die Another Day” faced stiff competition from Hollywood Blockbusters such as “The Bourne Identity” and “Ballistic: Ecks vs.Sever.” The Lee Tamahori helmed project walked away with only one award, that for; Nikki Berwick, Jamie Blake and Amanda Foster’s work on the final airplane fight sequence. They received the award for “Best Stunt By A Stunt Woman”.

    Other winners included:

    Best work with a vehicle: “The Bourne Identity”

    Best stunt by a male: “xXx”

    Best stunt coordination and/or 2nd unit direction: “xXx”

    Best specialist stunt: “xXx”

    Best height work: “Minority Report”

    If you’d like to discuss the awards please visit this thread of the Die Another Day Forums.

    jason @ 2003-06-02
  5. 2003 Stunt Awards

    The 3rd annual Taurus World Stunt Awards are set to take place at Paramount Pictures in LA later today. Amongst this years nominee’s are blockbusters such as “xXx,” “Blade II,” and “The Bourne Identity.

    Also included is “Die Another Day” – With the action-unit headed up by Bond veteran, Vic Armstrong, and stunt co-ordinator, George Aguilar. Nominated for 5 different categories, stunt-artists; Ben Bellman, Mark Mottram, Nikki Berwick, Jamie Blake, Amanda Foster, Derrick Doener, Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama, Roy Alon, Jordi Casares, Stuart Clarke, George Cottle, Ray de Haan, Dereck Lea and Vincent Wang, are all set to be honoured for their unique efforts to their industry.

    In addition to this, George Aguilar and Vic Armstrong are also nominated twice in the category of “Best Stunt Coordination and/or 2nd Unit Director” for their work on the 20th Bond film, and also for their involvement with the Martin Scorsese picture; “Gangs Of New York.” would like to offer its best wishes and good-luck to all the nominee’s.

    If you’d like to discuss the nominations please visit this thread of the Die Another Day Forums.

    jason @ 2003-06-01
  6. Vanquish Moves To Germany

    Production of the Aston Martin Vanquish’s 5.9 litre V12 engine will soon be leaving the UK. Production of the engine, which provides the Vanquish with its 190mph top-speed, will halt at its current home in Northampton, UK. Beginning at the end of next year, production of the V12 engine will take place at Ford’s factory in Cologne, Germany.

    The move takes place, as Aston’s Gaydon facility prepares for the construction of the recently announced V8 Vantage model, a direct competitor for the hugely successful Porsche 911 series. The V8 Vantage is scheduled for release in 2005, making it the current favourite for James Bond’s motor in Bond 21.

    jason @ 2003-05-30
  7. Demise Of The Bond Cars…

    2003 has taken off to be a sad year for the Bond cars. Although production of
    007’s latest motor, the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish continues, I am sad to
    report that a number of past favorites are set to be scrapped.

    To begin with, the famous “Wet Nellie,” or perhaps more widely known as the
    Lotus Esprit received its last orders earlier this year. The Esprit made
    famous in The Spy Who Loved Me, after being driven into the ocean, and converted to a submersible, began production in the early seventies. Lotus sales rocketed after the success of the movie, and the Esprit went down in both Bond and motoring history as a classic.

    The most recent Esprit carried an $85,000 price tag, and boasted a top speed of 175mph. It could achieve 0-60 in just over 4 seconds, proving that despite its age, the Esprit sill had what it takes to hold off some of today’s most hardened super cars. Although the classic shape of this Lotus has gone forever, the company have announced that a replacement will be released in 2005 that will be able to achieve an amazing 90 miles per gallon. Perhaps this is to be the most economical super car in history.

    Released in 1996, the BMW Z3 is the second of the Bond cars cancelled this year. Although never featured in any action scenes, 1995’s GoldenEye, which previewed the Z3 to an eagerly awaiting public was to be the start of a hugely successful marketing campaign, tying the Z3 with the Bond franchise. A limited edition “007 edition” model was launched which sold out immediately. This 140bhp sports car will be replaced around the world by BMW’s successor vehicle, the 155mph Z4 roadster.

    The third BMW to be kitted out by Q-branch for a Bond movie was the $128,000 Z8 roadster. Capable of achieving 0-60mph in just 4.2 seconds, the Z8 has been amongst the most exotic of all 007’s vehicles to date. However, poor sales have caused BMW to stop-production of the beautiful
    Z8. Designed to appeal to American markets, the Z3’s “big brother”, did not live up to its less-expensive sibling’s success.

    Tuning-brand, “Alpina”, will continue to produce a set of limited edition Z8’s, removing the BMW 5-series engine, and replacing it with another to target the car as a highway-cruiser. This move will be set to erase the confusion surrounding the exact type of car, the Z8 was. A track-day exotic? Every-day practical? Etc, etc.

    Finally, the last car to be scrapped this year is the most recent. Die Another Day saw Bond girl, Halle Berry driving a limited edition “Coral” Ford Thunderbird. Sadly, as a result of bad-reviews, and poor-sales figures, the much-publicized T-Bird, will stop production later in the year.

    Although all of these have left the modern world of production-sports cars, they will forever be remembered by Bond fans for their addition to the 007 legacy.

    jason @ 2003-05-26
  8. R1 Cover-Art Revealed

    The region 1 cover art for the Die Another Day two disc DVD set has been revealed.

    Image Courtesy DavidDVD.Com

    The art makes full use of the one-sheet poster campaign used throught the United States in the promotion of the film. However, those of you who may have already have purchased DVD sets in the US will have already noticed that the art does not match that of this DVD.

    Rumours are already flying that the sleeve found inside the DVD casing will be reversible, this will allow for those of you already owning previous sets containg the other 19 films in the series to maintain continuality, whilst still allowing those without the other films to display the latest artwork. Still it should be stressed this is still being treated as a rumour, until further confirmation is received from MGM Home Entertainment.

    If you’d like to discuss the release date please visit this thread of the Die Another Day Forum. Thanks to Red Grant for the tip-off.

    Source: DavisDVD.Com

    jason @ 2003-02-23
  9. MI6 Approves Of DAD

    Spy chiefs at the real MI6 have been granted a special screening of “Die Another Day” inside the MI6 Building, at Vauxhall Cross, London. Bond producers presented the British Intelligence agency with the offer, as a thank you for allowing them to film at the high-security building on the Thames, in three of the last four Bond films.

    The screening took place inside a cinema deep within a secure area of MI6 headquarters. It is thought the cinema is normally used as a briefing room, to show slides and video footage of terrorist groups. The MI6 operatives, and bosses who viewed the film, were apparentley very impressed with the Bond crews interpretation of what goes on in the fictional version of MI6, and gave the movie the thumbs up.

    Still, this is not the first time that the paths of the real world MI6, and Bond have crossed, after the success of GoldenEye, Dame Judi Dench was invited to the Christmas party at the itelligence services headquarters, where she met her real life counterpart, and was given the oppertunity to see the inside of the dominating building on the Thames.

    If you’d like to discuss this news please do so in this thread of the Die Another Day Forums.

    jason @ 2002-12-18
  10. UK DVD Details Obtained

    With the help of Tom from, has obtained details of the Die Another Day UK-Release (Region Two) DVD. A reliable source has revealed that the disc is to be released May 5th 2003, and is to carry a suggested retail price of £24.99.

    The source went on to reveal the DVD special features to be included with the disc. Although subject to change between now, and the May release date, they are set to include;

    • Deleted Scenes with commentary by Director
    • Audio Commentary: Audio Intelligence
    • Audio Commentary: Audio Intelligence 2
    • MI6 Data Stream – trivia tracks with seamless links to featurettes
    • Inside Die Another Day documentary
    • Multi angle action and stunt sequences
    • multi angle view of opening credits
    • Scene evolutions
    • Equipment Briefing
    • Making of documentary 1
    • Making of documentary 2
    • Theatrical trailer
    • TV spot
    • Madonna music video
    • A Day In the Live (MTV Special)
    • Behind the scenes of the Madonna music video

    Details surrounding the disc are still unconfirmed from official sources, however we are almost certain that these are indeed, the true features that are set to be included. Fans, who were hoping for a two disc set may be dissapointed however, at this stage, it is still a possibility that a high-quality copy of the film itself, could still be found the first of two discs. However, that remains purely as speculation.

    The £24.99 price tag, does appear to be more expensive than one-disc DVD’s currentley on the market. The price seems more suited to the release of two-disc sets such as the recentley released DVD edition of; Star Wars: Episode 2 – Attack of The Clones. We reccomend that you watch this space, as, tries to unravel the mystery surrounding this release.

    Be sure to discuss the subject in this thread of CBn’s Die Another Day Forums!

    jason @ 2002-11-30