1. MI6 Approves Of DAD

    By jason on 2002-12-18

    Spy chiefs at the real MI6 have been granted a special screening of “Die Another Day” inside the MI6 Building, at Vauxhall Cross, London. Bond producers presented the British Intelligence agency with the offer, as a thank you for allowing them to film at the high-security building on the Thames, in three of the last four Bond films.

    The screening took place inside a cinema deep within a secure area of MI6 headquarters. It is thought the cinema is normally used as a briefing room, to show slides and video footage of terrorist groups. The MI6 operatives, and bosses who viewed the film, were apparentley very impressed with the Bond crews interpretation of what goes on in the fictional version of MI6, and gave the movie the thumbs up.

    Still, this is not the first time that the paths of the real world MI6, and Bond have crossed, after the success of GoldenEye, Dame Judi Dench was invited to the Christmas party at the itelligence services headquarters, where she met her real life counterpart, and was given the oppertunity to see the inside of the dominating building on the Thames.

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