1. 2003 Stunt Awards: UPDATE

    By jason on 2003-06-02

    With guests such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Harrison Ford in attendence, The 2003 Taurus World Stunt Awards kicked off yesterday, although overshadowed by the MTV movie awards, the event went successfully without any major problems.

    Vin Diesel flick; “xXx” walked away with 3 of the 8 awards, the most of any picture nominated.

    Eon productions’ “Die Another Day” faced stiff competition from Hollywood Blockbusters such as “The Bourne Identity” and “Ballistic: Ecks vs.Sever.” The Lee Tamahori helmed project walked away with only one award, that for; Nikki Berwick, Jamie Blake and Amanda Foster’s work on the final airplane fight sequence. They received the award for “Best Stunt By A Stunt Woman”.

    Other winners included:

    Best work with a vehicle: “The Bourne Identity”

    Best stunt by a male: “xXx”

    Best stunt coordination and/or 2nd unit direction: “xXx”

    Best specialist stunt: “xXx”

    Best height work: “Minority Report”

    If you’d like to discuss the awards please visit this thread of the Die Another Day Forums.