1. R1 Cover-Art Revealed

    By jason on 2003-02-23

    The region 1 cover art for the Die Another Day two disc DVD set has been revealed.

    Image Courtesy DavidDVD.Com

    The art makes full use of the one-sheet poster campaign used throught the United States in the promotion of the film. However, those of you who may have already have purchased DVD sets in the US will have already noticed that the art does not match that of this DVD.

    Rumours are already flying that the sleeve found inside the DVD casing will be reversible, this will allow for those of you already owning previous sets containg the other 19 films in the series to maintain continuality, whilst still allowing those without the other films to display the latest artwork. Still it should be stressed this is still being treated as a rumour, until further confirmation is received from MGM Home Entertainment.

    If you’d like to discuss the release date please visit this thread of the Die Another Day Forum. Thanks to Red Grant for the tip-off.

    Source: DavisDVD.Com