1. The Reboot of the 007th Minute – DRAFT, DO NOT PUBLISH!!!

    By Helmut Schierer on 2013-08-31

    Bond fan workshop “hairdressing and film editing”, Ulan Bator 2006, image (c) ‘Monkeypainter’

    On my way to the advanced course ‘Pre-neolithic Cinema in 7454 Easy Steps – Chapter 4: Impact of the Cave Wall’. The usual droves of bondnotbond-protesters clogging up the streets between Salzburg and Liverpool, a considerable percentage of them merrily sloshed on Zero-Seven beverage, White Russians or the evening news. Or any combination thereof. Cabbie thinks it’s helping if he’s hooting at them like mad, so I leave him to his fun, settle back comfortably in the slashed faux leather upholstery and unfold the ironed copy of today’s  Right on the front page – above stories about book covers, knotted ties and plots, pictures of mysterious traces in the snow, a colour-enhanced Dorchester hotel and a slightly-older-than-17 Sean Connery – there’s a piece by CBn’s resident West Albion Bromwich supporter, Jacques Stewart, that catches my eye. It’s titled ‘The Reboot of the 007th Minute – DRAFT, DO NOT PUBLISH!!!’, and that’s a most curious title, even for that eccentric guy that puts up their main page stuff.

    So I read on…





    Time for a reboot.


    Casino Royale is good, if long. It bothers to tell a story, rather than simply mine long-exhausted seams.  Its 007th minute exemplifies something. Blah blah blah about the dog and overwritten whimsy. James Bond will return in the 007th minute of Quantum of Solace and Jacques Stewart will refer to himself in the third person, because that’s the sort of prat he is. Some nerve to accuse Bond of being formulaic; what a hypocrite. I prefer the ABC game anyway. It learns me spell good.


    Ah ah ah, not so fast, poppet. 


    It’s not that radical, is it? There’s M, there’s gunbarrel (the law), there’s climactic action that goes on well past forever’s bedtime , there’s Bond theme, there are ghastly watches, lovely Aston Martins, booze, ladies of acceptable architecture, dinner jackets, carrrrddds (with the excitement that brings), there’s still an infantile grasp on political and geographical reality and there’s fighting, explosions, destruction, kissing, weak sex jokes and general daftitude.


    Disappointing. Not what I was promised.


    For at least a year in advance the internet told me – betrayed me, for internet is truth – that Casino Royale would be a disastrous experimental art project starring a deformed, flappy-eared, asexual, trades-faced mendicant dwarf with a head like a Belisha Beacon driving an automatic Fiat Panda, the highlight of which would be witnessing conjoined mutant step-siblings defecating glistening, maggot-riddled pusblistered-stools onto a plate of wilted broccoli. All so very Belgian. Although you might have a view of the sort of “person” what I am, you still can’t imagine how much I was looking forward to watching that.  So many profound commentators who knew things stated their predictions as Total Unadulterated Fact.  Everyone they knew (might be true, poor souls) agreed with them. Religions kill for such concord.  The hu-mil-i-a-tion was going to be fantastic.


    What a chuffin’ let-down.


    Instead of the guaranteed cataclysm, what Eon put me through was an exercise in finally grasping the bindweed their complacency had let choke the creative development of the series for twenty-five years and – clever, this – not removing it all, a slash-and-burn policy being a step too far, but selecting the bits they actually needed to tell a story, rather than obliged to shoehorn them in. No Moneypenny, no Q, no rubbish that came with both, no complaints from me. Albeit not a perfect film, propelled by a compelling lead performance and evident thought about what they were doing beyond shaking our memories until more money fell out, it’s the closest to a proper film for decades. Story first, statutory Bond bits second: Die Another Day reversed. Disconcerting. Who knew that this was going to happen? Who knew that the internet was so full of expertise about how it couldn’t?

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  2. Moore: “Craig is the best Bond.”

    By Matthew Harkin on 2012-08-28

    Roger Moore, star of 7 James Bond movies has revealed his favourite James Bond actor is indeed current Bond star Daniel Craig. The 84 year old actor, and author of Bond on Bond, has applauded Daniel Craig’s acting ability, “I loved Casino Royale and Daniel Craig. He is a wonderful actor, certainly the best actor to play Bond. I have never been guilty of method acting, or even acting if you want to argue a point.”.

    As Quantum of Solace, Craig’s second Bond outing, left a sour taste in the mouths of some Bond fans, Moore has stated that he hopes that James Bond latest adventure will be a touch on the lighter side. “I believe that Skyfall is going to have a lot more humour in it than Quantum of Solace did, something I’ll be pleased to see.”

    You can read the rest of the interview here. Bond on Bond is released October 4th.

  3. Casino Royale/Quantum of Solace Blu Ray Double Pack coming

    By Matthew Harkin on 2012-08-22

    Fans waiting for the promised collectors edition of Quantum of Solace might have just a small glimmer of hope on the horizon, as Amazon has listed that a double pack of Daniel Craig’s first two James Bond films will be available October 2nd. News of an apparent collectors edition has been making the rounds since 2009, with director Marc Forster previously confirming his involvement. However, news of the recent Bond50 BluRay collection put doubt in the mind of Bond fans, as not many new special features have been confirmed for the set. I must stress now, that this could be just reissue of two previously released editions. However, nothing is confirmed yet either way, so try not to get too excited. Check the Amazon page here.

  4. 007 Stage fire court case continues

    By Matt Weston on 2010-06-27

    A brief update from the Telegraph today on the fire that destroyed Pinewood Studios’ world-famous 007 Stage in July 2006.

    The '007 Stage' ablaze at Pinewood Studios

    The ‘007 Stage’ ablaze at Pinewood Studios

    The blaze was allegedly caused by oxyacetylene torches used to dismantle water tanks used during the filming of Casino Royale‘s Venice-set finale. The stage burnt down shortly after shooting of the movie wrapped.

    The fire has resulted in an ongoing legal battle between Pinewood Studios and Casino Royale Productions. Pinewood claims the fire caused over £8 million worth of damage.

    Defence court papers obtained by the Telegraph state, “It is denied that this work was actually carried out by Casino Royale [Productions]. Casino Royale had engaged First Imperial Services to dismantle the set … First Imperial had subcontracted the dismantling … to J Male & Son, who had in turn subcontracted the work to Downton Structures. It was Downton that was actually carrying out the cutting work.”

    As a result of the blaze, the stage was completely demolished in August 2006 and rebuilt in 2007 in time for production to begin on Quantum of Solace.

    The court case continues.

    The 007 Stage previously burnt down in 1984 during filming of Ridley Scott’s Legend. The stage was rebuilt by January 1985, just in time for shooting to commence on A View to a Kill. The stage was renamed the Albert R. Broccoli 007 Stage in honour of the James Bond producer’s contribution to Pinewood Studios and the British film industry as a whole.

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  5. Bondstars signing with Casino Royale's Sebastian Foucan

    By Devin Zydel on 2010-04-10 is holding a private signing with Sébastien Foucan (Mollaka in Casino Royale) for those that cannot make Fan Festival 2010, which takes place on 24 April.

    • The cost per signed item is £28.00, this includes worldwide postage and packing.
    • Sébastien will happily dedicate a still if required (please keep the dedication short e.g To John, Best Wishes etc), instructions are given in the Paypal payment section on the website. and Sébastien Foucan have the right to edit dedications if felt necessary.
    • All orders must be received by 18 April. Your item(s) will be shipped week beginning 1 May 2010.
    • All stills included on the website are 10″ x 8″.

    Visit to order and for complete details on this James Bond signing.

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  6. Sam Worthington on James Bond: 'It wasn't right for me'

    By Devin Zydel on 2010-03-26

    Australian actor Sam Worthington’s name has been in the news lately thanks to the unprecedented worldwide success of James Cameron’s Avatar, but some fans may be unaware that he was one of the final contenders for the role of James Bond #6.

    James Bond #6 contender Sam Worthington

    James Bond #6 contender Sam Worthington

    As reported back on way back in 2005, (see The Men Who Could Have Been Bond), it was revealed that a then much more ‘unknown’ Worthington was one of the full dress screen-test finalists alongside Daniel Craig and Henry Cavill for the Casino Royale role.

    In a new interview posted at NDTV Movies, Worthington reflects on the 007 casting, stating: ‘I held off and held off doing the audition because I couldn’t find a way into the character.’

    ‘When I finally did I went for it. I got a half a day of acting with Casino Royale director Martin Campbell. I got to do some scenes with some great actors, gave it my all, and it wasn’t right for me.’

    However, he adds that the Bond casting gave him the experience to push on for the Avatar role later in his career. ‘I was backing myself,’ he adds. ‘I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I thought the least I’ll get out of this is to act a few scenes with James Cameron, and that’s a hell of an opportunity.’

    ‘I learned that from going for the James Bond audition. If I give it all I’ve got and still don’t get the part, then so be it. This time I did.’

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  7. "We even discussed doing it as a period piece."

    By Matt Weston on 2010-01-27

    Edge of Darkness, Martin Campbell’s first film since revitalising the James Bond franchise for a second time with Casino Royale, is just around the corner.

    Martin Campbell

    Martin Campbell

    Despite the three-year gap between Casino and Darkness, the director is readying his next film, an origin story based on the Green Lantern comics.

    On the eve of Edge of Darkness‘ premiere, The Guardian spoke to Campbell about his two Bond successes: GoldenEye and Casino Royale.

    “To be honest, I get too much credit for that,” Campbell told the paper. “Timing was more important on both movies. With GoldenEye, the franchise got locked into this legal fight. They couldn’t make new Bond movies for about seven years. It was my first huge production. I figured if I did at least a yeoman-like job, it would be greeted as a complete revival of the series.”

    Campbell continued, “The producers felt it had gone off the rails a bit after Die Another Day, with invisible cars and all that. I told them, we have to go back to the books. We even discussed doing it as a period piece. We settled on a more f***ed-up character with a dark streak in him, drinking too much, dodgy liver – all that’s in the book. In Casino, he also had a real relationship with a woman. He doesn’t just have a dozen for king and country.”

    In a separate interview, the director told ReelzChannel, “Casino Royale of course was an opportunity to go back to the tone of the books which they never were in the original movies. They never have been. Even the Connery movies are not in the same tone as the book. Again, I was lucky enough to have an origin story.”

    “Bond really doesn’t become Bond until the last frame of the movie. He’s a f***ed up guy. He’s a guy who smokes too much. He doesn’t smoke in the movie but in the books he certainly smokes too much, he drinks too much, he abhors a certain kind of violence when it’s very messy and ugly. It’s something he hates. He finally shoots someone in the forehead with a bullet, but the bathroom scene is very distasteful and ugly and clumsy and messy.”

    “So there are elements to Bond, and of course a great relationship with the girl which allowed you the one meaningful relationship in his life apart from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service where he marries the girl. So that was a really great opportunity to get into the tone of the books and make him a much darker, more f***ed up character which was way more interesting in my opinion.”

    Edge of Darkness is a remake of the acclaimed 1985 BBC miniseries of the same name, which was also directed by Campbell. The thriller stars Mel Gibson and opens around the world this week.

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  8. Casino Royale crowned Total Film's Reboot of the Decade

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-12-20

    Daniel Craig’s astonishingly successful debut as 007 in 2006’s Casino Royale has been named Total Film Magazine’s ‘Reboot of the Decade’.

    The 21st James Bond film is featured on one of the ten covers (all included together in one volume) for the latest issue of the popular movie magazine, #163.

    'Casino Royale'

    Casino Royale

    Also included is an indepth discussion with producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson on why and how they came to revamp and re-energize the franchise following on from 2002’s Die Another Day. Craig’s forthcoming Bond 23 is also briefly brought up for discussion, although both producers frustratingly remain tight-lipped about what exactly fans can expect.

    Total Film issue #163 is currently on sale now and can be purchased at various bookstores as well as online at

    Visit the official website for a special preview of this latest issue.

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  9. Casino Royale ITV premiere scheduled for 19 September

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-09-12
    'Casino Royale'

    Casino Royale

    The UK television premiere of Casino Royale on ITV is scheduled for this upcoming Saturday, 19 September.

    Way back in April 2006, reported that ITV had then secured the broadcasting rights to the complete Sony/MGM James Bond film library, including Casino Royale, after a heated bidding war.

    Initially pegged to air sometime in 2007, it has since turned out to be three year wait until Daniel Craig’s debut 007 film finally hits the air.

    Casino Royale will air at 9:00pm, with a fifteen-minute break at 11:05pm for the ITV News.

    For further details, visit

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  10. Quentin Tarantino: I would have done Casino Royale with Pierce Brosnan

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-07-27

    Quentin Tarantino has once again chimed in with a woulda-coulda-shoulda statement regarding the James Bond series reports Showbiz Spy.

    He makes a special point regarding Daniel Craig’s 2006 debut in Casino Royale, which was a breath of fresh air for many fans of the 007 series.

    ‘The reason they did Casino Royale all comes down to me,’ he states.

    ‘I made it a point, I said I wanted to do Casino Royale. They were already on record as saying the movie was unfilmable but then after I said it and talked about it for a little bit—then the big thing on all the internets was that that was what all the fans wanted to see and so that’s when they said, “Oh, maybe it’s not so un-filmable.”‘

    He goes on to state that Craig also would not have been his Bond of choice for the film had he been sitting in the director’s chair: ‘Actually if I had done the film, I wouldn’t have done it with Daniel Craig, I would have done it with Pierce Brosnan.’

    What do you think of a Tarantino-directed Bond film starring Brosnan? Sound off here on the Forums.

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