1. '007 Stage' Destroyed by Fire at Pinewood

    By David Winter on 2006-07-30
    The '007 Stage' ablaze at Pinewood Studios

    The ‘007 Stage’ ablaze at Pinewood Studios

    The ‘007 Stage’ at Pinewood Studios has been destroyed by a fire that required at least eight fire engines to put the blaze out.

    Film crew members told the BBC filming on Casino Royale had finished and the set was being de-rigged at the time of the incident that occured around 11:00 GMT. The stage had been transformed into a replica Venice, a location that would feature near the end of the film. The entire roof of the stage collapsed and caved in.

    This is the second time the stage has succumbed to fire. In 1984 fire broke out during filiming of Ridley Scott’s Legend. The stage was rebuilt by January 1985, just in time for A View To A Kill, and named the “Albert R. Broccoli 007 Stage” in honour of Cubby’s contribution to Pinewood Studios and the British film industry as a whole.