1. UK DVD Details Obtained

    By jason on 2002-11-30

    With the help of Tom from, has obtained details of the Die Another Day UK-Release (Region Two) DVD. A reliable source has revealed that the disc is to be released May 5th 2003, and is to carry a suggested retail price of £24.99.

    The source went on to reveal the DVD special features to be included with the disc. Although subject to change between now, and the May release date, they are set to include;

    • Deleted Scenes with commentary by Director
    • Audio Commentary: Audio Intelligence
    • Audio Commentary: Audio Intelligence 2
    • MI6 Data Stream – trivia tracks with seamless links to featurettes
    • Inside Die Another Day documentary
    • Multi angle action and stunt sequences
    • multi angle view of opening credits
    • Scene evolutions
    • Equipment Briefing
    • Making of documentary 1
    • Making of documentary 2
    • Theatrical trailer
    • TV spot
    • Madonna music video
    • A Day In the Live (MTV Special)
    • Behind the scenes of the Madonna music video

    Details surrounding the disc are still unconfirmed from official sources, however we are almost certain that these are indeed, the true features that are set to be included. Fans, who were hoping for a two disc set may be dissapointed however, at this stage, it is still a possibility that a high-quality copy of the film itself, could still be found the first of two discs. However, that remains purely as speculation.

    The £24.99 price tag, does appear to be more expensive than one-disc DVD’s currentley on the market. The price seems more suited to the release of two-disc sets such as the recentley released DVD edition of; Star Wars: Episode 2 – Attack of The Clones. We reccomend that you watch this space, as, tries to unravel the mystery surrounding this release.

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