1. Wilson gives update on Bond 23

    By Kevin Wells on 2010-10-08

    While speaking with IGN about the upcoming James Bond video games Blood Stone and GoldenEye 007, producer David G. Wilson gave a small but good update on Bond 23. “We’re in a holding pattern to see what happens with the studio. We support them – we’ve had a long relationship for a long time and it’s really important for us to get going again. They just have to sort out their financial issues.”

    Wilson also admitted that the script isn’t currently being worked on. “The script’s been in development for some time. We often start the scripts about a year before pre-production has begun. So the script has been in development but it’s been halted for the time being.”

    Recently it was reported that director Sam Mendes took himself out of the running to direct Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games because of MGM’s recent progress. Wilson also commented on Mendes reconfirming that Mendes is still slated to direct once filming gets underway, “Yes, he’s very excited to do this film – and it’s a matter of timing too. He’s a hot director, and there’s a danger he would have to go and work on something else so we have to be patient and optimistic.”

    When asked about a start date Wilson said “They have a plan going forward, and hopefully everything will go to plan and we hope to be in a position next year to start the film again.”

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