1. Bond 23 tabloid reports false, claim trade press

    By Matt Weston on 2010-07-08

    Last week’s report in the Daily Mirror claiming production staff on the 23rd James Bond film were told the film was “canned” prompted tabloid press around the world to forecast the death of the cinematic 007. This claim has now been discounted by several trade publications.

    According to the Hollywood Reporter’s Risky Business blog, nothing has changed since Eon Productions’ April announcement that Bond 23 is “delayed indefinitely”.

    Deadline is making similar sounds. According to the site’s source, “There is no new news. Development will resume once MGM is viable again, as Danjaq can’t go anywhere without them. So all bets are off. No idea when this will get resolved.”

    Deadline claims both Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes remain committed to the next James Bond film.

    Rumour site Gossip Cop also claims the report was false. According to sources apparently close to Daniel Craig, “The situation remains exactly the same as for the last many months. The filmmakers formally announced then that the current production of Bond 23 was being postponed due to the issues relating to the sale of MGM. Nothing has changed and production is only postponed, not cancelled.”

    Keep watching for the latest James Bond news.

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