1. Mendes' publicist comments on 007 reports

    By Matt Weston on 2010-01-07

    Sam Mendes’ British publicist Sara Keene has confirmed to that the director is indeed in talks to helm the 23rd James Bond film.

    Sam Mendes

    Sam Mendes

    Keene told the website, “I can confirm that he has had a meeting, but Sam always has lots of projects on the table that he might direct next. Sam’s method is to have a number of projects as possible next films and at some point to confirm which film he’s going to do.”

    The news comes after Hollywood blogger Nikki Fenke reported on the curious negotiations owing to the imminent sale of MGM. Fenke claims Mendes is soon to be brought on board the film as a “consultant with an eye to direct”.

    Mendes is the Oscar-winning director behind such films as American Beauty, Road to Perdition and Revolutionary Road.

    MGM has refused to confirm the reports to trade paper Variety. The studio also denied reports that pre-production on Bond 23 is on hold.

    Keep watching for the latest James Bond news.

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