1. "I want to get going on it as quickly as possible."

    By Matt Weston on 2010-07-25

    A brief update on the 23rd James Bond film today courtesy of Empire magazine.

    The Empire team shared the following tweet an hour ago from San Diego Comic-Con…

    Craig appeared with Harrison Ford at San Diego Comic-Con to promote Jon Favreau’s Cowboys & Aliens, in which the pair star.

    Last week at the launch of Activision’s Blood Stone, producer Michael G. Wilson also shared his commitment to making Bond 23. “[We’re] convinced that we’ll be bringing you another Bond film soon.”

    Craig has lent his voice and likeness to two James Bond video games to be released this year: GoldenEye and Blood Stone.

    Development on the latest James Bond film has been suspended since April 2010.

    Keep watching for all the latest Bond 23 developments.

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