1. Deaver's Edge published, talks Bond

    By Kevin Wells on 2010-11-04

    US cover art for Edge by Jeffery Deaver

    James Bond literary fans are hopefully well aware of Project X, the James Bond literary reboot by American author Jeffery Deaver that brings Ian Fleming’s character into the modern era similar to 2006’s Casino Royale. That book gets published next year in May, but in 2010 its author has been quite busy with two new novels hitting store shelves. In June his publisher Simon & Schuster released The Burning Wire, the ninth novel in the Lincoln Rhymes series of books. Additionally Deaver also had a short story published in June in a book called Stories that was edited together by Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantonio. This November Deaver’s new standalone novel, Edge was published. Edge tells the tale of Washington D.C. police detective Ryan Kessler who is targeted by a ruthless lifter (a man who specializes in extracting information from his victims by any means necessary) named Henry Loving. Kessler is then put under government protection, specifically by a protection officer named Corte.

    Promoting this new novel Deaver sat down with USA Today and talked mainly about Bond although Deaver can’t mention anything about the story or even the locations in Project X with the exception of London. What he did mention most have us have already known, but he did drop this interesting quote: “I get him into a lot of trouble in the book,” Deaver says. “The poor guy. I almost feel bad for him. He doesn’t get a lot of rest.” If you don’t know much about Deaver, give this article a read. A lot of interesting information on him. Did you know that Deaver raises champion briards? Two of them have won best of breed at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show.