1. So what is Project X, Mr. Higson?

    By Evan Willnow on 2010-05-25

    As Charlie Higson’s U.S. made its stop in St. Louis, Missouri, took the opportunity to ask the author straight out about Ian Fleming Publications’ secret project, and if Mr Higson was involved. Higson laughed. Then after explaining to the near-full meeting room at St. Louis County Library Headquarters that Project X was the IFP’s new, secret project that would be announced later this week, Higson boasted, “I know what Project X is.” He then explained that he knew that Project X was one of two projects that Ian Fleming Publications have in the works, but, he added, “I am sworn to secrecy.”

    Higson said he will be meeting with the people from the IFP when his book tour takes him to New York and he would then know for sure which of the two is Project X. As for Higson’s future with Bond, the author stated that he would like to write a trilogy when the time is right, but that it would mean researching an entirely new school.

    While not exactly shedding much light on what Project X is—in fact, probably just deepening the mystery—Higson’s comments raise new questions. Such as, did the IFP chose between two concepts or are we to expect a Project Y?

    In addition to discussing James Bond, Higson read a quite exciting and quite frightening passage from his latest children’s horror novel, The Enemy.

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