1. Jeffery Deaver discusses his approach to Project X

    By Matt Weston on 2010-05-28

    Newly-announced continuation novelist Jeffery Deaver is confident he’s the man to bring the literary James Bond into the 21st century.

    Jeffery Deaver

    Jeffery Deaver

    “I’ve written about young African-American characters in America, I have written about elderly characters, I’ve written from the points of view of women … of serial killers … and enjoy stepping into their shoes,” the novelist told Reuters. “I think it’s going to be relatively easy for me to step into the role of Bond and the other characters in the book.”

    “For one reason or another I have learned over the years that I have a capacity … to be a bit of chameleon.”

    In contrast to Sebastian Faulks’ credit on Devil May Care, Deaver said, “I am not writing this book as if I were Ian Fleming. No-one can really do that. I am taking the type of story that I generally tell – a very fast-paced thriller, lots of twists and turns and surprises.”

    In fact, Deaver looks set to combine the unique spirit of Fleming’s 007 novels with the pace of his own thrillers. “It’s not only important to maintain the Fleming tone, and by that I mean a good hero against a bad villain. I think it’s important too that I bring to the story my typical relentless pacing and plot reversals every so often so readers are really on the edge of their seats the entire time.”

    “Stories like this should have elements of good solid filmmaking – the scenes have to be extremely visual, there should be a crisp, clear, accurate dialogue.”

    You can also view a short clip of Deaver discussing Ian Fleming’s original James Bond novels below.

    Keep watching for the latest news on Project X.

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