1. Jeffery Deaver teases Bond fans on US tour stops

    By Matt Weston on 2010-06-11

    Several of’s forum members have caught up with new James Bond continuation novelist Jeffery Deaver during his US tour to promote his newest thriller, The Burning Wire.

    Jeffery Deaver

    Jeffery Deaver

    Hot on the heels of Deaver’s first Project X revelations, our spies are reporting that the author graciously, though guardedly, answered a number of questions about the mysterious 007 novel.

    Forum member “godwulf” attended Deaver’s Scottsdale, Arizona appearance, where the author stated his James Bond will be a sprightly 28-years-old in Project X, a reboot of the literary 007 in which the events of Fleming’s original books never happened; a sort of Casino Royale-style re-imagining.

    According to the author, his outline for the novel currently stands at 180 pages and is accompanied by several thousand pages of research. Deaver also stated Project X would be “a ticking clock novel”, one of the author’s trademarks.

    Meanwhile, forum member “jwheels” caught up with Deaver in Seattle, Washington where the novelist revealed he’ll begin writing Project X very soon. Like in Casino Royale, Deaver’s Bond will be a former military operative who has recently joined the 00-section.

    Deaver also revealed he is only signed on for a single novel and that the literary Bond reigns will be handed to other authors after Project X. However, he is laying down the foundations of this new Bond universe, and may well return at some point in the future to pen another 007 outing.

    These revelations seem to indicate Project X will be one of the boldest moves ever undertaken by Ian Fleming Publications.

    James Bond fans hoping to catch up with Deaver in the US this June, or the UK in July, can check out a full list of tour dates at

    Project X – working title only – will be published on 28 May 2011 by Hodder & Stoughton in the UK and Simon & Schuster in the US.

    Keep watching for the latest literary James Bond news.

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