1. Jeffery Deaver offers up first Project X revelations

    By Matt Weston on 2010-06-06

    How old is James Bond in Project X? Will “M” be a man or a woman? Will Bond smoke? Which 007 regulars will make an appearance?

    Jeffery Deaver

    Jeffery Deaver

    Literary James Bond fans can find the answers to all these questions and more – including a bombshell about a Bond regular who will be replaced – in an exclusive video interview with Project X author Jeffery Deaver over at Dr Shatterhand’s Botanical Garden.

    A warning for fans who want to head into Project X completely spoiler-free: Deaver may be a bit too revelatory for your liking. Proceed with caution.

    The revealing interview, filmed during one of Deaver’s book tour appearances, offers up a surprising number of answers about the mystery project, including the fact that the book will be “a reboot”, and the first in a series of novels by various authors.

    Check out the video over at Dr Shatterhand’s Botanical Garden for more juicy titbits about this exciting new book.

    Dr Shatterhand also caught up with Young Bond novelist Charlie Higson, who recently completed his US tour, for another video interview. Here, the bestselling author discusses his first brush with Bond and talks about his dream job.

    Keep watching for the latest literary James Bond news.

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