1. Updated: Meet Jeffery Deaver

    By Heiko Baumann on 2010-07-21

    Crypt of St Andrews Holborn

    The Crypt of St Andrews Holborn

    Ian Fleming Publications and Hodder & Stoughton invited select members of the press to a “Top Secret” meeting with new James Bond author Jeffery Deaver today. In true Bond style, the one-on-one meetings with the author took place in the crypt of St Andrews church in Holborn/London. The location was only revealed to attendees after they RSVP’d, and it was not revealed in advance that the meeting would be with Deaver (who recently arrived in the UK to start his latest book tour).’s own ‘Admiral’ was there, but he has yet to report back on what exactly went on. Watch this space for further information, which we’ll post here as soon as we have them on our desks.

    Update: Read the debrief on the event in the CBn forums

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