1. Merry Xmas 2022

    By Heiko Baumann on 2022-12-24
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    Queen Elizabeth II has died

    By Heiko Baumann on 2022-09-08

    Team and members of wish to express their sincerest condolences.

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    To Russia, Without Love

    By Heiko Baumann on 2022-02-26
    Stop the war in Ukraine
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    Merry Xmas 2021

    By Heiko Baumann on 2021-12-23
    CBn Xmas greetings 2021

  5. The 007th Minute: No Time to Die

    By Heiko Baumann on 2021-12-19
    The 007th Minute: No Time to Die e-book

    In a year that has seen more spectacle than some decades…

    At a time when we all can do with some witty entertainment – while times are neither witty nor entertaining… is proud to announce its third e-book ‘The 007th Minute: No Time to Die’ by Jacques Stewart, also containing ‘Casino Royale Vol. 1 – The Tarantino / Brosnan version’.

    As with the first two CBn ebooks ‘The 007th Minute’ and ‘The 007th Chapter’, Heiko Baumann again provided cover design, illustrations and typesetting of the tome.

    It can be downloaded for free here. If you want to give something in return please consider to donate a sum to UNICEF.

  6. No time for No Time to Die

    By Heiko Baumann on 2021-01-22

    On January 22nd 2021, Eon Productions Ltd. announced that the premiere of the 25th James Bond movie NO TIME TO DIE would once again be postponed due to the global Corona pandemic. The new date for the premiere is now October 8th 2021. This is CBn’s take on it:

    No time for No Time to Die

    Alternate lyrics written by the team of

    We should have known
    It would be postponed.
    Just goes to show
    That the things don’t always
    Go the way we hope.

    We were aware:
    A pandemic isn’t fair.
    We’ll have to bear
    Another few months for
    This movie to premiere

    Were we stupid to believe
    That we’d see it this spring?
    Oh, this virus is just one horrid thing.

    Hope the franchise will survive,
    Hope we all will stay alive.
    Pushed back once, twice and thrice,
    All this waiting isn’t nice.
    But before this has gone by:
    No time for No Time To Die.

    Just let it burn,
    It should be our least concern.
    These are lessons that we’ve learned:
    That James Bond will … return.

    That tomorrow never dies,
    That we all only live twice.
    Live and let live, not live and let die,
    We’ll be there when it arrives.
    But in these pandemic times:
    No time for No Time To Die.

    No time for No Time To Die
    No time for No Time To Die

    Push again, once or twice,
    It may help to save some lives.

    First this has to pass, and then
    We’ll see No Time To Die.

    Download the special screen design here:

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    Merry Xmas 2020

    By Heiko Baumann on 2020-12-24
  8. A Message from the CBn Team

    By Heiko Baumann on 2020-03-20
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    Happy Holidays from CBn

    By Heiko Baumann on 2019-12-24
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    Merry Xmas 2017

    By Heiko Baumann on 2017-12-24

    CBN Xmas 2017