1. CBn

    Season’s Greetings from CBn

    By Heiko Baumann on 2016-12-24

  2. The 007th Chapter – The Ebook Edition

    By Heiko Baumann on 2015-05-29

    To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Ian Fleming’s 007th birthday, today releases the ebook edition of “The 007th Chapter, Volume One: Happenstance”, a series of literary musings by Jacques I. M. Stewart, aka “Jim”. Volume One concentrates on the James Bond novels and short stories written by or “as” Ian Fleming.

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  3. Announcing The 007th Chapter – The Ebook Edition

    By Heiko Baumann on 2015-04-26

    007th Chapter Poster A

    Like the previously released The 007th Minute, it won’t be a real ‘e-book’ but a downloadable PDF. And again, it will be available for free. All we ask for is that, if you download this ebook, please make a donation to UNICEF or any other cause of your personal choice.

  4. CBn

    Merry Xmas 2013

    By Heiko Baumann on 2013-12-24

    CBn XmasCard 2013

  5. The 007th Minute Ebook by Jacques I.M. Stewart

    By Helmut Schierer on 2013-12-22

    007th Minute Ebook


    You wanted it. Well, some of you.


    007th Minute iPad TWINE



    Some of you even have been waiting for it.


    007th minute OP007th minute FRWL


    Should have been careful what you wish for, it’s finally here: The 007th Minute ebook. Together with an assortment of 24 illustrations to help you figure out what’s going on in the thing. And with the 007th Minute of ‘Next To You Bling Looks Fab’.

    007th Minute Pages NSNA


    No, wait a minute… the 007th Minute of ‘Never Say Never Again’, that was it. Previously unpublished, never before seen – outside CBn-House – material!

    007th minute CR


    007th Minute Book smallIf you download this ebook and want to have it printed and bound as a “real” book, click here to download a complete cover to go with it.





    To download the pdf click here: The 007th Minute Ebook Edition

    This download is not for sale and only available as a free service brought to you by If you want to give something back in return please do consider to donate to UNICEF (link to their general donation site here, choose your location and continue) or any other cause of your personal choice.

    Only thing left for me to do now is wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy reading.

  6. CBn

    ‘Santa Baby…

    By Helmut Schierer on 2013-12-21

    a ’37 convertible too,

    Dark blue…’


    007th minute Teaser NSNA


    Tomorrow evening. Watch this space.


  7. CBn

    Christmas Day approaching…

    By Helmut Schierer on 2013-12-21

    Original artwork by Mark O’Connell (c), used with kind permission

    ‘Well, it’s Christmas time again…’

    Noises in our chimney. Soft and faint, but very definitely noises. And very definitely coming closer. Like what you’d expect to hear when a large and not particularly slim person is about to use the chimney to transport a stately gift box down from the rooftop right into CBn-house’s offices. Not much longer now…

    Until then’s team wishes everybody

    A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year



    Grateful thanks to Mark O’Connell, author of Catching Bullets, for the kind permission to use above artwork.


  8. Ho-Ho-Ho…

    By Helmut Schierer on 2013-12-15

    007th minute teaser2




    Watch this space.

  9. CBn

    RIP Charlotte Brosnan (1971 – 2013)

    By Helmut Schierer on 2013-06-30

    With great sadness we learn today of Charlotte Brosnan’s passing at the untimely age of 42. Like her mother Cassandra Harris she suffered from cancer. The thoughts and condolences of the members and staff of are with her family.


  10. CBn

    Bond, a t-shirt, 60 hours (and a bit of small change)

    By Helmut Schierer on 2013-03-15

    The new CBn fan t-shirt, available only for a short time

    The CBn fan t-shirt ‘KEEP CALM AND CALL BOND‘ will only be available for two more days. For the price of just $ 15.00 you get a Hanes Tagless Tee in – almost – British Racing Green, with a spectacularly cool tagline, devised by CBn forum members themselves. At the time of writing this a mere 13 further orders are needed to meet the goal. Want to make a beloved one happy? Need a little gift for Easter? Do you feel calm and in a calling mood? This is the article you are looking for.