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  1. Official 'Quantum of Solace' Trailer Coming 2 July

    According to Ain’t It Cool News, an official Quantum of Solace trailer will be attached to Sony Pictures’ Hancock, a superhero comedy starring Will Smith, Jason Bateman and Charlize Theron. Hancock hits cinemas on 2 July in the United Kingdom and the United States.

    It’s unclear whether the trailer will be a teaser or a theatrical. The teaser trailer for Casino Royale was released in May 2006 so it’s possible that the 2 July trailer will be the second and that we’ll get a teaser in the spring.

    Filming will be nearly completed in July so there will be a lot of good footage ready for the trailer regardless of whether it’s a teaser or a theatrical trailer.

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    righty007 @ 2008-03-10
  2. US 'Devil May Care' Cover Art Revealed

    US Devil May Care cover

    US Devil May Care cover has scored an exclusive look at the US cover art of Devil May Care! says, ‘take a look. The shadowy, well-coiffed, and tuxedo-ed James Bond figure on the spine seems to indicate Bond fans could be in for an old-school treat.’

    Devil May Care will be released on 28 May 2008.

    Keep watching for the most up-to-date literary James Bond news on the web.

    righty007 @ 2008-03-03
  3. Vote For 'Devil May Care' Theme Song

    Devil May Care cover

    Devil May Care cover

    As reported by CBn on 29 January, five theme tunes were to be selected by judges and revealed to the public on 3 March. Earlier today, all five entries were uploaded onto the Devil May Care MySpace profile.

    You have a week to listen to each entry and vote for your favourite.

    The winning tune will be announced on 17 March and will be included on the Devil May Care audiobook. It will also be made available as a free download via Penguin ( and iTunes.

    Devil May Care will be released on 28 May 2008.

    Keep watching for the most up-to-date literary James Bond news on the web.

    righty007 @ 2008-03-03
  4. 'Quantum of Solace'?

    Earlier this morning, CBn Forums members ‘Cyclone49’ and ‘Gobi-1’ discovered that and redirect to Sony Pictures’ official website. Does this mean Quantum of Solace is the title of Bond 22? Confirmation will likely be given later today at the press conference at Pinewood Studios near London.

    As you probably know, “Quantum of Solace” is the title of a short story in Ian Fleming’s For Your Eyes Only so it seems like there’s a very good chance that it could be the title of Bond 22.

    Keep your eyes on the main page for all the latest news and details on Bond 22.

    righty007 @ 2008-01-24
  5. Austria Extras Casting Photos Online

    Today, casting for extras began at the Theater am Kornmarkt in Bregenz, Austria. As previously reported, 1,200 to 1,500 extras are being sought for the Bregenz shooting. 25 to 30 extras for the Feldkirch shooting are also needed., have scored 12 photos from the first day of extras casting. Casting took place from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM and will continue on the 19th and the 20th.

    The extras being sought are a “mixed audience, from 18 to 70”, dress code from “well dressed” to “tres chic” (dressed for a theatre visit), as the extras will have to impersonate a real Festival audience. Athletic types who could act as security people are also desired, and the producers are also looking for cars, so people can bring pictures of their cars to the casting. Applicants will have to fill in a questionnaire and a picture of them will be taken and then, everything left to do is waiting and hoping.

    Keep your eyes on the main page for all the latest news and details on Bond 22.

    righty007 @ 2008-01-18
  6. Michael Gillette Illustrates New UK Fleming Hardcovers

    Last November, CBn reported that Ian Fleming’s 14 James Bond novels are due to be reprinted in new hardcover editions, as part of the celebration of Ian Fleming’s centenary this year. According to Ian Fleming Publications, the First Day Cover, also “features artwork by Michael Gillette from the forthcoming Penguin hardback edition of Casino Royale.”

    Dr. No Cover LALD Cover You Only Live Twice Cover
    CLICK for a preview of all of the covers on Michael Gillette’s official blog.

    According to Gillette’s official website, “originally from Wales but now based in San Francisco, Michael Gillette who has worked for some of the world’s biggest clients (Urban Outfitters, Capitol Records, Greenpeace, Levi, etc.) as well as taking on many a smaller project (including tee designs for Airside, various apparel, exhibitions, limited prints, etc.)”

    Keep your eyes on the CBn main page for all the latest news on the Ian Fleming centenary events taking place throughout 2008. To keep track of all the upcoming 007 releases, events, television shows, and more–just keep your eyes on the CBn Calendar, located on the right panel of our main page.

    righty007 @ 2008-01-12
  7. Plot Detail Revealed?

    Yesterday, Variety reported that “the Marc Forster-helmed film, loosely based on the Ian Fleming short story “Risico,” finds 007 (Daniel Craig) dispatched to infiltrate a drug ring flooding Britain with heroin.”

    You may remember that in August, screenwriter Paul Haggis, denied that Bond 22 will be based on an Ian Fleming short story. However, he added that the script is “steeped in a lot of Fleming’s ideas.”

    Is this drug ring plot one of the Fleming ideas Haggis alluded to or is Variety exhibiting poor reporting by rehashing an old rumour? Only time will tell.

    Keep your eyes on the main page for all the latest news and details on Bond 22.

    righty007 @ 2008-01-07
  8. Gemma Arterton Confirmed For 'Bond 22'

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, Eon Productions, Danjaq, as well as her agent have confirmed that Gemma Arterton has been cast as “Fields” in Bond 22 earlier today.

    CBn first reported the Gemma Arterton rumour on 14 December but this is the first time her casting has been confirmed. THR also reported that details of her character were not available but a Danjaq rep said “it’s a nice-sized role.”

    Arterton, 22 years old, is the first confirmed Bond girl in Bond 22 but the female lead, presumingly a Latina actress, is still expected to be announced within two weeks.

    British newcomer Gemma Arterton’s latest film is St. Trinian’s, where she played schoolgirl Kelly, opposite Colin Firth and Rupert Everett. The film, a comedy about the eccentric adventures of a group of unruly girls at a boarding school, is an updated version of a movie franchise from the 1950s and ’60s.

    Keep watching CBn for all the latest coverage as the Bond girl casting heats up.

    righty007 @ 2008-01-05
  9. Panama To Double As South American Country In 'Bond 22'?

    According to, the coasts of Panama have been chosen by producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson as a filming location for Bond 22.

    Two weeks ago, CBn reported that Bond 22 will have South American locations which means Panama, a Central American country, could have possibly been chosen to double as a South American country for the film.

    The site also claims the title of Bond 22 may be The Property of a Lady which seems very unlikely at this point.

    righty007 @ 2007-09-29
  10. South American Bond Girl In 'Bond 22'?

    According to, casting notices sent out this morning by producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson say they are looking for “a Latina actress in her late twenties, preferably with South American roots” for Bond 22.

    Th site also claims the casting notice includes “a plea that prospective talent not be worried about fitting the traditional Bond Girl look, since this is the ‘new’ Bond series.” However, “she must be quite beautiful, able to handle what promises to be a physically demanding role, fluent in English and, last but most certainly not least, a great actress.”

    The article concludes by saying Bond 22 “will begin filming in the United Kingdom and across Europe and South America under the direction of Marc Foster this coming January, with a six month production anticipated,” which includes new information such as the South American setting and the anticipated six month production schedule.

    righty007 @ 2007-09-14