1. Michael Gillette Illustrates New UK Fleming Hardcovers

    By righty007 on 2008-01-12

    Last November, CBn reported that Ian Fleming’s 14 James Bond novels are due to be reprinted in new hardcover editions, as part of the celebration of Ian Fleming’s centenary this year. According to Ian Fleming Publications, the First Day Cover, also “features artwork by Michael Gillette from the forthcoming Penguin hardback edition of Casino Royale.”

    Dr. No Cover LALD Cover You Only Live Twice Cover
    CLICK for a preview of all of the covers on Michael Gillette’s official blog.

    According to Gillette’s official website, “originally from Wales but now based in San Francisco, Michael Gillette who has worked for some of the world’s biggest clients (Urban Outfitters, Capitol Records, Greenpeace, Levi, etc.) as well as taking on many a smaller project (including tee designs for Airside, various apparel, exhibitions, limited prints, etc.)”

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