1. Danger Society: The Young Bond Dossier shipping early

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-10-21

    Even though it isn’t due to be officially released until next week, the Young Bond Dossier passes along the news that a few online retailers are already shipping copies of Charlie Higson’s Danger Society: The Young Bond Dossier.

    'Danger Society: The Young Bond Dossier'

    Danger Society: The Young Bond Dossier

    Literary James Bond fans can order the book now from Waterstone’s and, with both sites displaying ‘in stock’ messages:

    Touted as the complete and definitive guide to Higson’s Young Bond, the aptly-titled Danger Society: The Young Bond Dossier will include in-depth character profiles, information on the cars, weapons and exotic locations, plus photographs, maps, and illustrations by artist Kev Walker.

    As an added bonus, the book will also feature a brand new Young Bond story by Higson entitled A Hard Man to Kill. For more details on that story, click here.

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