1. Charlie Higson unleashes The Enemy in the UK

    By Devin Zydel on 2009-09-03

    Bestselling Young Bond author and comedian Charlie Higson unleashes his new children’s zombie book The Enemy, about a London swept by disease

    On Wednesday 2 September, Charlie Higson and hordes of zombies launched The Enemy, at a signing in The London Bridge Experience and The London Tombs, Tooley Street, where the remains of 380 plague victims were found.

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    Charlie Higson—author of the phenomenally successful Young Bond books—returns with a gruesome, action adventure series about a mystery illness that attacks everyone over the age of 14, leaving those afflicted so crazed by disease they are little more than zombies. Gangs of kids are left to fend for themselves in a decaying London.

    A gripping adventure from start to finish and with scenes of violence, The Enemy is without doubt one of the scariest children’s books and some critics might say that this is a step too far. But the author says:

    “We all need to be scared. It’s good for the soul. And kids need to be scared as much as adults. We all grew up with fairy tales. I don’t remember any fairies in them, but I do remember child-eating ogres, child-eating witches, child-eating stepmothers, and plucky little guys getting their revenge, be they Hansel and Gretel or Jack the Giant Killer.”

    At this unusual signing event, a queue of fans formed at top zombie hotspot, The London Bridge Experience and the London Tombs, on the eve of the book’s launch. Charlie Higson signed copies of his book and fans got a free tour of London’s scariest attraction.

    With recent comparisons of swine flu to a zombie attack, this new series of books is frighteningly topical.

    In The Enemy—the first in the series—infected grown-ups roam the Capital’s streets, searching for things to feed on, and that includes children. The kids who remain have formed gangs, some holing up in Waitrose on Holloway Road and others in Morrison’s. But as food supplies dwindle, the gangs are forced to move on through a very dangerous city.

    Charlie Higson has three boys of his own and so is well versed in what boys want to read. The book is dedicated to the youngest who dreams of zombies.

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