1. 'By Royal Command' Unabridged Audiobook Now Shipping

    By Matt Weston on 2009-04-28

    The unabridged By Royal Command audiobook is now shipping from the BBC Audiobooks website.

    'By Royal Command'

    By Royal Command paperback artwork

    The latest Young Bond audiobook is published by Chivers Audiobooks and is read by actor Nathaniel Parker. The 8-CD set retails for £36.60.

    Higson’s four previous Young Bond novels – SilverFin, Blood Fever, Double or Die and Hurricane Gold – are all to available to purchase as unabridged audiobooks from the BBC Audiobooks website. All five novels are also available in more affordable abridged versions, which can be bought from numerous sellers.

    By Royal Command is the fifth book in Charlie Higson’s bestselling series, which explores James Bond’s roots. It was first published as a hardcover in September 2008. A paperback edition is due out next month.

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