1. More Young Bond Concept Covers

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-12-11

    Following up the recent revealing of artist Kev Walker’s concept sketch for Charlie Higson’s Blood Fever, The Illustrated 007 returns with a look (click to view) at Walker’s design for the third Young James Bond novel, Double or Die.

    As was the case with Walker’s Blood Fever design, his preliminary sketch for Double or Die is also very similar to what ultimately ended up on the cover of the first US hardback edition of the novel.

    As a general note, the favourable reaction amongst fans to this Double or Die cover led publisher Disney Hyperion to push ahead with all new covers for SilverFin and Blood Fever. Featuring a ‘Bond vs. Villain’ theme, these new covers will debut on the books in March 2009.

    In addition, The Young Bond Dossier has gotten a closer look (click to view) at the prototype artwork for the forthcoming US Hurricane Gold hardback debut.

    First revealed back in June of this year, it once again features the artwork of Kev Walker. The Dossier informs us that this cover is indeed only a prototype cover and that the final artwork will hopefully be released sometime later this month.

    The US Hurricane Gold hardback is scheduled for release on 7 April 2009. Order it, along with the new paperbacks, from the links below:

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