1. New Young Bond Paperback Covers Revealed

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-12-04

    Back in September of this year, first reported that Charlie Higson’s first two novels in the wildly successful Young Bond series, SilverFin and Blood Fever, would be re-released in the United States next year with all-new cover artwork.

    Since then, The Young Bond Dossier has given fans the very first look at these new covers designed by Kev Walker (who recently worked with Higson on SilverFin: The Graphic Novel).

    Apparently, the moody cover of the US Double or Die hardback struck the right chord with fans and publisher Disney Hyperion decided to push onwards with the Bond vs. Villain theme for these new covers. Click to view:

    SilverFin | Blood Fever

    New taglines will accompany the paperbacks as well:
    SilverFin: “It looks like thirteen-year-old James Bond’s Easter holiday is over.”
    Blood Fever: “James Bond has had his first taste of danger. He’s ready for more.”

    These new editions will be released alongside the US Double or Die paperback (using the same hardback cover artwork) on 10 March 2009. Each will retail for $7.99 and can be pre-ordered online:

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