1. Revamped US Young Bond Covers In 2009

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-09-16

    US fans will have several Young James Bond-related releases to keep track of when 2009 rolls around.

    In addition to the already announced debut of the Hurricane Gold hardback and Double or Die in April and March, respectively, Charlie Higson’s first two titles in the series–SilverFin and Blood Fever–will be getting revamped releases as well.

    Both books will be re-released in paperback on 10 March 2009 with all-new cover art from Kev Walker.

    Walker is the man responsible for the original US cover for Blood Fever and Double or Die, the latter released earlier this year. He also created the illustrations for the upcoming SilverFin graphic novel, due in October.

    The new US edition of Blood Fever, retailing for $7.99, is listed on A pre-order link for SilverFin is forthcoming.

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