1. CBn Forum Member Suggestion Makes The Cut In 'By Royal Command'

    By Matt Weston on 2008-09-07

    Never underestimate the power of a James Bond fan.

    Charlie Higson’s By Royal Command

    In an upcoming interview on The Young Bond Dossier, bestselling novelist Charlie Higson reveals that a suggestion made by Forum member “Trident” made the cut in his newly-released Young Bond novel, By Royal Command.

    In February 2007, “Trident” suggested Young Bond ought to have a timepiece: “One thing I noticed during reading Blood Fever is that James is on serveral occasions wondering what time it is. As I haven’t read Higson’s third book up to now, I don’t know if he already gave Bond his (first?) wristwatch. If not, here is my personal suggestion for a proper watch for 1930s Bond. It’s a Mido Multifort, introduced in 1934, the first automatic, anti-magnetic, water-proof (up to 30 metres; perfectly sufficient back in those days), and shock resistant watch of its time.”

    Released last week, By Royal Command sees James Bond obtaining exactly this watch!

    Higson explains to the Young Bond Dossier, “I think for the real Bond purists I should have given him a Rolex because that’s his iconic watch. But I sort of love the idea of the Multifort. It just looked like a really interesting watch. And I think, for the time, it is the right watch for him to have. And it’s a nice little nod to CBn.”

    A very flattering remark from Charlie Higson that shows precisely the quality of the fans on the Forums!