1. No 'Double or Die' US Book Tour For Charlie Higson

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-04-05

    For Young Bond fans and collectors alike, The Young Bond Dossier today reports on two dissapointing developments regarding the forthcoming US publication of Double or Die.

    First is news that Charlie Higson will not be making a book tour for the release of his third Young James Bond novel in the US. He had previously Los Angeles and San Francisco for SilverFin and Blood Fever, respectively.

    US 'SilverFin' proof cover artwork

    US SilverFin proof cover artwork

    The website also notes that there will be no US proof edition for Double or Die.

    Uncorrected/Advance proofs are early copies of a novel sent to bookstores and media outlets meant to generate public awareness and interest. Since they are not readily made available to the general public and are published in limited quantities, they can be difficult to track down.

    SilverFin and Blood Fever were previously published in proof editions in the US–both with different cover artwork in comparison to what was finally used.

    The US hardback and audiobook edition of Double or Die will be released on 22 April. Pre-order online:

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