1. First Look At Charlie Higson's 'Double or Die' US Hardback

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-03-26

    Although it isn’t due for release until 22 April, James Bond fans can get a sneak peek at the forthcoming US publication of Charlie Higson’s third Young Bond novel, Double or Die.

    The Young Bond Dossier got an in depth look at the hardback, which features brand new artwork from Kev Walker (who also designed the US Blood Fever cover and is behind the upcoming SilverFin graphic novel).

    Higson offered his own praise of the cover: ‘It’s fantastic to see the new American cover of Double or Die which has all the romance and atmosphere I imagined when writing the books. Double or Die is a new start for Young Bond in the states and I’m very excited about its release.’

    Click here for a full gallery of photos of the US Double or Die hardback.

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