1. 'By Royal Command' Audiobook Planned For September 2008

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-03-19

    The Young Bond Dossier informs us that an audiobook edition of Charlie Higson’s fifth Young James Bond novel, By Royal Command, is planned for release this upcoming September.

    According to a listing on the website, the audiobook will be released on 4 September–the same day that the UK hardback edition of By Royal Command debuts.

    While further details are yet to be announced, as Higson previously read the audiobook editions for the four previous Young Bond novels, it’s a likely bet he’ll be reading this one as well.

    As earlier reported on, this new adventure sees Bond ‘forced to go on the run, pursued by enemy agents and the British authorities. James must choose between friendship and duty. His life will never be the same again…’ Locations include England and the Alps.

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