1. 'Hurricane Gold' Paperback To Include 'Young Bond 5' Extract

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-01-27

    While the wait for Charlie Higson’s fifth, final, and currently untitled Young James Bond adventure, which is due out on 4 September, may seem like a long time, the Young Bond Dossier has some good news for fans.

    The website reports that the UK paperback of Higson’s fourth Young Bond novel, Hurricane Gold, will include an exclusive sneak peak at the fifth adventure. The Hurricane Gold hits UK bookshelves on 28 May.

    The Young Bond Dossier notes that this upcoming extract is a first for a UK Young Bond paperback. Only the US paperback of SilverFin previously included an extract for Blood Fever.

    Higson previously said regarding the fifth novel’s ending: ‘We see where he’s going to go in his future and what’s going to happen to him. He learns a quite a few nasty lessons in the book, about life, and people, and who you can trust and not trust.’

    ‘It’s not going to be a particularly happy ending, I don’t think. It’ll be interesting to see how kids react to that.’

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