1. Charlie Higson Continues Work On 'Young Bond 5'

    By Devin Zydel on 2008-01-15

    While things have been relatively quiet in the world of Young Bond lately (although it’s to be expected when compared to release of both Double or Die and Hurricane Gold last year), author Charlie Higson is still working along on the fifth adventure, due out this September.

    The Young Bond Dossier reports that Higson made a recent appearance at a Puffin event showcasing their books lined up for 2008. The author was ‘forcibly dragged to the presentation’ since he is still working on the currently untitled Young Bond 5.

    Due for release on 4 September 2008, Young Bond 5 will reportedly feature the Royal Family, Windsor Castle as well as James Bond’s expulsion from Eton after an incident with a maid. It currently has a working title of The Shadow War.

    Higson previously said regarding the novel’s ending: ‘We see where he’s going to go in his future and what’s going to happen to him. He learns a quite a few nasty lessons in the book, about life, and people, and who you can trust and not trust.’

    ‘It’s not going to be a particularly happy ending, I don’t think. It’ll be interesting to see how kids react to that.’

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