1. 'Double Or Die' Collector's Edition Copies Appearing Online

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-10-20
    Charlie Higson's Double or Die

    Charlie Higson’s Double or Die

    CBn reported earlier this month that the limited collector’s edition of Charlie Higson’s Double or Die, the third Young James Bond novel, had started appearing in Waterstone’s stores in the UK.

    As with the case of SilverFin and Blood Fever before it, copies are now making their way online at eBay.

    Although many of them will have bumped up prices from the sellers, this may be the way to go for some Young Bond fans searching for a specific copy of the book (including the ever-elusive #007). The lower numbered copies seem to fetch the higher prices.

    Higson signed the 999 copies of this book the same day he signed the 1,500 limited edition copies of Hurricane Gold.

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