1. Charlie Higson Reveals Major Young Bond 5 Details

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-10-06

    WARNING: Minor spoilers

    With the release date of 4 September 2008 now revealed for Charlie Higson’s Young Bond 5, the fifth and final novel in his hugely popular Young James Bond series, expect details and spoilers to start coming in more and more.

    The Young Bond Dossier reports that Higson dropped a particularly interesting piece of news about the role of the Bond girl in Young Bond 5, noting that this will be the first time that James falls in love.

    ‘At the risk of all the boys running squeamish throughout the room,’ Higson announced to his audience at the Hurricane Gold launch party last month, ‘James Bond is going to fall in love…[click here to view the discussion with Higson]

    As CBn has previously reported, Young Bond 5 will focus on the events that lead to Bond’s expulsion from Eton. Windsor Castle is planned as a location and the Royal Family also may be featured. Read the most recent CBn interview with Charlie Higson for even more details.

    Even though there were numerous new Bond books released in 2006 and a fair share so far this year, 2008 is shaping up to be the year for the literary 007. In addition to the release of Young Bond 5, Penguin Books has planned a celebration of 007, Sebastian Faulks’ Devil May Care will mark Ian Fleming’s centenary in May, Samantha Weinberg will conclude her Moneypenny Diaries trilogy with Final Fling and the SilverFin graphic novel will finally hit bookshelves. Not to mention the Titan release of Shark Bait, Double or Die‘s US debut, and much, much more.

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