1. 'Hurricane Gold' Proofs Published After All

    By Matt Weston on 2007-08-29

    With just over one week until Hurricane Gold‘s much-anticipated release, James Bond fans on the forums have spotted a number of proofs of the novel appear on eBay.

    The mysterious 'Hurricane Gold' proof

    The ‘Hurricane Gold’ proof

    What is unusual is that news had emerged last month that no proof editions of Charlie Higson’s penultimate Young Bond novel were to be released. Now, CBn has received word Hurricane Gold had last-minute proof copies published after all.

    The three preceding Young Bond novels all had proof editions published.

    At present, five copies of the spiral-bound books have appeared on the auction website, with asking prices as high as £87.50. These proof editions can become very valuable indeed; according to The Young Bond Dossier, some dealers are asking for over US$1,000 for sealed proof copies of SilverFin.

    Uncorrected/advance proofs are early copies of a novel sent to bookstores and media outlets meant to generate public awareness and interest. Since they are not readily made available to the general public and are published in limited quantities, they can be difficult to track down.

    Meanwhile, The Young Bond Dossier reports that a leaked copy of the novel has also been sold on eBay. The auction received eight bids, but with the book so close to release, only sold for £5 more than the cover price.

    Keep watching CBn for more Hurricane Gold and Young Bond news.