1. First 'Hurricane Gold' Extract Online

    By Matt Weston on 2007-08-25

    It may still be 12 days from landing on bookshelves in the United Kingdom, but, as The Young Bond Dossier points out, eager James Bond fans can now have a sneak peek at Charlie Higson’s fourth Young Bond novel, Hurricane Gold.

    Times Online have published an exclusive snippet from the book, which is the second-last in the highly successful series.

    The extract sees James traveling to Mexico with his anthropologist Aunt Charmian, who is hoping to contact a Mayan tribe. The pair have arrived in the small Gulf Coast town of Tres Hermanas, where a carnival is in preparation…

    THEY LEFT THE MAIN SQUARE and squeezed into a narrow street that was crammed with people. James had to fall back behind his aunt as they forced their way through the crowds.

    Charmian was carrying a large leather saddlebag, her travelling bag, which she always took with her when she went away. It had originally been made for an Argentinian gaucho and was scratched and worn from years of use. It was large enough to carry everything she needed; her purse, a first-aid kit, maps, a compass, field glasses, bottled water, toilet paper and countless other essential items.

    As they struggled down the street, James saw a boy of about his own age slip in behind Charmian and keep pace with her. He thought nothing of it until he noticed a small, quick movement. It happened so fast and was so unexpected that at first he wasn’t sure exactly what he’d seen. Had it even happened?

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    Times Online has also published extracts – specifically, the prologues – of the first three books in the series (SilverFin, Blood Fever and Double Or Die), along with an introduction by Charlie Higson. The extracts appear in a handy PDF document, which also includes a competition in which fans can win one of 100 sets of Young Bond novels (including Hurricane Gold).

    Young Bond fans have also been promised further Hurricane Gold extracts to appear on the official Young Bond website soon.

    Hurricane Gold is due out on 6 September. Meanwhile, keep watching CBn for the latest Young Bond news.

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