1. Charlie Higson's 'Young Bond 5' To Feature Windsor Castle

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-05-17

    In a review of The Young Bond Rough Guide To London at the Double O Section spy blog, a scoop regarding the fifth Young James Bond novel has been revealed.

    A hidden detail about Young Bond 5 is included in the The ‘Day Trips’ section: ‘The visitor is more likely to be struck by the lonely, grey splendour of Windsor Castle, the world’s largest inhabited castle which will play a key role in the fifth Young Bond novel.’

    What exactly this role is, or how big it will be, is unknown at this point. Higson previously mentioned that the Royal Family may be involved and that the fifth book would include an incident involving a boy’s maid and Bond’s removal from the school (read the CBn interview for more details and visit this page on the Young Bond Dossier).

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