1. Young Bond 4: 'Hurricane Gold' Official Plot Synopsis

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-04-23

    Following up yesterday’s article on the revealing of the title of Charlie Higson’s fourth Young Bond novel, Hurricane Gold, the official plot synopsis (and confirmation of the title) have now been posted at the official Penguin Books website:

    Young Bond 4 – Hurricane Gold

    By Charlie Higson

    The fourth thrilling Young Bond adventure.

    As the sun blazes over the Caribbean island of Lagrimas Negras, its bloodthirsty ruler is watching and waiting. Criminals come here to hide, with blood on their hands and escape on their minds.

    On the mainland, in the quiet town of Tres Hermanas, ex-flying ace Jack Stone leaves his son and daughter in the company of James Bond. But a gang of thieves lie in ambush–they want Stone’s precious safe, and will kill for its contents.

    A deadly chase through the Mexican jungle begins, as James fights to keep the secret treasures in sight. On this terrifying trail of greed and betrayal, only danger is guaranteed…

    Survival is not.


    Charlie Higson is a well-known writer of screenplays and adult thriller novels. He’s also a performer and co-creator of The Fast Show. SilverFin was his first book for young readers, and was a phenomenal success. His second book, Blood Fever, has been even more successful, and book three, Double or Die shot straight to number one outselling the first two.

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