1. Charlie Higson's 'Blood Fever' And 'SilverFin' Make Their Way Around The World

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-02-02
    Dutch SilverFin

    A variation on this Dutch SilverFin cover art will be used on the Swedish edition

    The Young Bond Dossier has been updated with details regarding new publications of Charlie Higson’s first two Young Bond novels, SilverFin and Blood Fever, in Russia and Sweden.

    A paperback edition of SilverFin is due out in March 2007 in Sweden, while a hardback edition of Blood Fever will be released in June. Click here and here for the Russian and Swedish Young Bond cover art.

    Meanwhile, Higson’s newest Young Bond novel, Double Or Die recently moved into its second UK printing and is in the top three on the Children’s bestseller charts.

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