1. Charlie Higson Discusses Young Bond; Plus A 'Double Or Die' Excerpt

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-01-07

    The Young Bond Dossier reports that a brand new interview with Charlie Higson has appeared online at Storynory. Additionally, an excerpt from Double or Die is also included.

    Focusing on his Young Bond series, Higson discusses the differences between the original Ian Fleming adventures and the current Young Bond series. He mentions the challenges in finding a right balance between what has always been apart of the novels before (the violence, drinking, and “kissing many girls”) and what is appropriate for the targeting age range for these novels.

    Higson reveals that one of the reasons he wanted to write the novels was to get boys to read. ‘There has been a problem. People say ‘why do boys not read as much as girls?’ I think the reason is that there haven’t been the books there for boys to read.’

    ‘When I was first given the job to write the Young Bond books, I thought, I better go out and see who my competition is; who else is writing these types of action-adventure stories. And there really wasn’t anyone. Obviously, there was the Alex Rider books, but that was it. I’ve had fantastic feedback…’

    Click here to listen to the entire interview.

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