1. Young Bond Games Online

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-08-25

    The Young Bond Dossier reports on two Young Bond games that are available to play online.

    Inspired by the first two Young Bond novels, SilverFin and Blood Fever by Charlie Higson, the games are Driving and Sea Urchins Sprint.

    Driving is set in England and is based on a scene from the first book SilverFin, where a young James is taught to drive his uncle’s car at his countryside cottage. To show off his newly acquired skill James must complete three circuits of the cottage before the timer runs out, trying not to scratch the car. Driving is controlled predominantly by using the arrow keys with the space bar used to switch between high and low gear when needed.

    Sea Urchins Sprint finds our hero in a prickly situation while on the school trip to Sardinia featured in the second book Blood Fever. While visiting Victor on the island James finds himself in the sea navigating between sea urchins to get to the shore unscathed. In this game James must use the arrow keys to swim in-between the clusters, however, as waves come in the urchins move, meaning that players must be ready to react at a second’s notice.

    Click here to play both Young Bond games online.

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