1. 'SilverFin' is First Young Bond Graphic Novel

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-05-19
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    Details were first unveiled on CBn way back April of 2005 for a Young Bond graphic novel series based on the characters from Charlie Higson’s successful novels.

    According to Higson at the time: ‘The hardest thing when writing SilverFin was picturing the young Bond in my mind. We have so many different images of Bond as man, what would he have looked like as a boy? I was really pleased that we managed to get an artist as good as Kev Walker to imagine him for me. Now I know what he looks like. Kev’s also done a fantastic job of making the thirties look cool and exciting for a modern audience. Young Bond and his world have really come alive.’ Now, almost a year later, the series is getting up on its feet.

    The Young Bond Dossier reports that SilverFin will be the first graphic Young Bond novel, with artwork illustrations provided by Kev Walker. Higson has also revealed that he might be ‘writing the adaption [him]self if I have time.’

    The SilverFin Young Bond graphic novel is reportedly due out at the end of 2006.

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