1. Blood Stone title sequence concepts

    By Kevin Wells on 2011-02-03

    A post on the CBn forums alerts us to a portfolio for Vincent Shayer who was the lead UI/UX designer at Bizarre Creations until Activision decided to close its doors. In the portfolio are concepts for Blood Stone’s title sequence that never came to be.

    Blood Stone Title Sequence concept #1

    Although cool looking, it does have more of an Ocean’s 11 vibe to it than Bond, but personally I do like the minimalist look to it. Just like the finished product and Casino Royale this concept also uses silhouettes. The idea for this concept is actually based on the 007 logo.

    Blood Stone Title Sequence concept #2

    A completely different style, but still holding on to the Casino Royale silhouettes. I like this one too, honestly. It’s called “Oil Dispersion Concept”.

    Blood Stone title sequence concept #3

    A third style. This one is more akin to The World Is Not Enough (in my opinion). It’s called the “Oil Molecule Concept”.

    On the subject of title sequences, I have nothing against MK12. They did a fine job with Quantum of Solace, but I sure hope Daniel Kleinman returns for Bond 23. He always brought a certain style that I’ve always loved.

    To see all the images in Shayer’s portfolio (and there are lots more similar concept images to go with the ones above) check out: Vincent Shayer: Portfolio. For the final title sequence check it out here on CBn’s YouTube channel.

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