1. Crush Design creates Project X promotional website

    By Devin Zydel on 2010-06-02

    Crush Design has created a website to promote the new James Bond novel, which will be published in 2011.

    Jeffery Deaver's 'Project X'

    Jeffery Deaver’s Project X

    The Project X site, which can be found at, features a count-down to the book’s launch, information about the author Jeffery Deaver and facts about the original novels written by the late Ian Fleming.

    Crush was appointed by Hodder & Stoughton at the beginning of this month on the strength of similar projects that the consultancy has worked on, says Hodder & Stoughton director of digital marketing Kelly Edgson-Wright.

    Hodder & Stoughton briefed Crush to create a flexible site that could be added to during the run-up to the book’s launch in May next year. Edgson-Wright says, ‘We want to be able to update the site regularly, engage with social media and interact with the fans’.

    The secretive nature of the project has affected the look and feel of the site, says Crush senior designer Chris Pelling. He says, ‘At this point we’re dealing with such little information that we went for a data-style look that was really stripped back.’

    The grey and turquoise colour palette was chosen to fit the data-inspired look. Pelling says, ‘We’ve focused on the modern spy, not one from the 1950s. It’s not girls and smoking guns.’

    Jeffery Deaver’s Project X will be published by Hodder & Stoughton in the UK and by Simon & Schuster in the US on 28 May 2011.

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